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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative James M. Cantwell Democrat - 4th Plymouth

Photo of  James M. Cantwell

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 22
Boston, MA, 02133
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HD.130 An Act relative to community preservation funds for coastal infrastructure
HD.134 An Act making technical corrections to the Dam and Seawall Repair and Removal Fund
HD.135 An Act relative to an investigation of flood insurance by the attorney general
HD.136 An Act to protect open space, historical resources, and community housing from coastal threats
HD.137 An Act relative to an investigation to review flood insurance rates
HD.138 An Act reestablishing the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund
HD.141 An Act relative to the financing of dredging projects
HD.142 An Act designating Marshfield the home of Senator Daniel Webster and Governor Edward Winslow
HD.143 An Act allowing businesses to sign up for the "Do Not Call" list
HD.144 An Act allowing 12 and 13 year old youth to be employed as soccer referees
HD.145 An Act to reduce the pension fund liability
HD.146 An Act amending the definition of "uneconomic" in Chapter 40B, so called
HD.147 An Act creating a school resource officer grant program and fund
HD.148 An Act establishing a regional dredge grants program
HD.149 An Act increasing nuclear power plant protections to a twenty mile radius
HD.150 An Act limiting severance agreements of authorities
HD.151 An Act relating to consumer protections in the sale and usage of propane gas
HD.152 An Act relative to creditable service
HD.153 An Act relative to hydrokinetic energy
HD.154 An Act relative to local impacts of enacted legislation
HD.155 An Act relative to motor vehicle police chases
HD.156 An Act relative to planning boards' approval of subdivision plans
HD.157 An Act relative to procedures of the housing appeals committee
HD.159 An Act relative to the safety of judges
HD.160 An Act to exempt family members of murder victims from jury service
HD.161 An Act repealing the sales tax on boats built or rebuilt in the Commonwealth
HD.781 An Act authorizing the town of Marshfield to withdraw from the Metropolitan Area Planning District
HD.785 An Act relative to adopting the new market tax credits program for Massachusetts
HD.807 An Act enabling trained school personnel to administer life saving epinephrine treatment
HD.819 An Act relative to payments for use of ambulance services
HD.849 An Act to promote local and regional affordable housing planning
HD.852 An Act to amend Section 5K(E) of Chapter 111
HD.871 An Act reforming alimony in the Commonwealth
HD.877 An Act to permit the scattering of unclaimed cremated remains at sea
HD.883 An Act allowing for a Legion of Merit license plate
HD.885 An Act providing health insurance coverage to the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
HD.889 An Act relative to accommodations for special needs students taking the MCAS examination
HD.895 An Act relative to the transfer of funding for recovery high school summer programming
HD.903 An Act supporting school-based substance use prevention through evidenced-based positive social norms marketing
HD.905 Resolve relative to construction on Route 3
HD.908 An Act to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities
HD.914 An Act relative to tax title expense
HD.1678 An Act concerning the safety of autistic and alzheimer individuals
HD.1716 An Act protecting dogs at boarding kennels and daycare facilities
HD.1738 An Act regarding Huntington's Disease Awareness Month
HD.1814 An Act relative to boater safety to be known as the David Hanson Act
* — indicates bill is by request.