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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Ruth B. Balser Democrat - 12th Middlesex

Photo of  Ruth B. Balser

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 136
Boston, MA, 02133
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  HD.1031 An Act supporting healthy development among preschoolers
  HD.1033 An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth
  HD.1036 An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment
  HD.1037 An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policies
  HD.1040 An Act to require health care coverage for the emergency psychiatric services
  HD.1044 An Act to improve public safety by facilitating access to addiction services
  HD.1046 An Act relative to ensuring quality mental health services in state correctional facilities
  HD.1049 An Act relative to increasing access to psychological services
  HD.1050 An Act transferring Bridgewater State Hospital from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Mental Health
  HD.1053 An Act relative to facilitating the utilization of psychologists on the health care team
  HD.1055 An Act protecting the health and safety of people in restaurants
  HD.1058 An Act relative to enhanced fire protection in new one and two family dwellings
  HD.1059 An Act relative to fire protection
  HD.1060 An Act renaming the Yawkey commuter rail station on the Worcester–Framingham line
  HD.1063 An Act relative to kosher food signage
  HD.1067 An Act requiring the Division of Medical Assistance to provide adequate rates
  HD.1069 An Act to require equitable payment from the Commonwealth
  HD.1070 An Act to ensure affordable health connector coverage
  HD.1073 An Act relative to the import, sale, trade, distribution, possession, and release of marbled crayfish and marmokrebs
  HD.1075 An Act creating a commission to study the need to reduce salt and sugar content in meals served in restaurants, schools, and public spaces
  HD.1077 An Act incorporating the public health Fukushima lessons for nuclear emergency preparation
  HD.1125 An Act ensuring access to addiction services
  HD.1126 An Act to collect data on LGBTQI prisoners held in restrictive housing
  HD.1248 An Act to secure a clean energy future
  HD.1333 An Act to promote social-emotional learning
  HD.1417 An Act relative to mental health parity implementation
  HD.1520 An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents
  HD.2473 An Act to preserve access to inpatient mental health services for individuals with mental illness
  HD.2478 An Act making technical changes to the Betsy Lehman Center for patient safety and medical error reduction enabling statute
  HD.2727 An Act relative to treatment, not imprisonment
  HD.2736 An Act relative to Department of Public Utilities Commissioners
  HD.2775 An Act relative to energy efficiency
  HD.2783 An Act to advance beneficial electrification of space heating
  HD.1064 An Act to recognize common law marriage in the Commonwealth This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.