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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Theodore C. Speliotis Democrat - 13th Essex

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  HD.2975 An Act relative to clean energy generation at the Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School
  HD.2976 An Act relative to modular home construction
  HD.2977 An Act expanding creditable service benefits to veterans who have served in the armed forces of the United States
  HD.2978 An Act to promote the use of bio-diesel
  HD.2979 An Act relative to the eligibility determination for ‘THE RIDE’ Program
  HD.2980 An Act authorizing the commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey an easement in certain land in the city of Peabody
  HD.2981 An Act relative to the establishment of a home improvement local property tax exemption for seniors
  HD.2982 An Act to protect the veterans hiring preference
  HD.2983 An Act to expand the CARE Act to include same day surgical facilities
  HD.2984 An Act relative to retailer-backed coupons
  HD.2985 An Act relative to moped safety
  HD.2986 An Act relative to the disabled veterans sales tax exemption on a motor vehicle
  HD.2987 An Act relative to veterans' plates and tolling
  HD.2988 An Act ensuring accurate voter rolls
  HD.2989 An Act relative to National Guard benefits
  HD.2990 An Act increasing the experience and background necessary to operate low pressure processed steam boilers
  HD.2991 An Act relative providing insurance coverage for biennial echocardiogram and concussion analysis for persons under the age of 18/JJ's Bill
  HD.2992 An Act allowing for retail pharmacy discounts and co-pay assistance
  HD.2994 An Act relative to moving vehicle violations
  HD.2995 An Act relative to school safety
  HD.2996 An Act regarding ballot voting options
  HD.2997 An Act relative to promoting small business competitiveness
  HD.2998 An Act relative to personal injuries or property damage from defective public ways
  HD.2999 An Act imposing a life sentence as punishment for a second or subsequent conviction of the crime of rape
  HD.3000 An Act to exclude cities and towns that adopt a housing linkage program from certain provisions of chapter 40b
  HD.3001 An Act relative to for-profit charitable solicitation
  HD.3003 An Act relative to expanding the fee exemption for renewing a license to carry to include veterans
  HD.3004 An Act promoting public labor contracts for local residents
  HD.3005 An Act to enhance the license plate system of the Commonwealth
  HD.3006 An Act allowing a service branch designation on license plates for disabled veterans
  HD.3068 Resolve creating a special commission to protect residents from telephone and electronic fraud
  HD.3156 An Act creating an electronic health care proxy
  HD.3157 An Act relative to activating the health care proxy
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.