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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32A: Control, movement and parking of motor vehicles; appointment of police officers

Section 32A. The trustees shall make rules and regulations for the control, movement and parking of vehicles on the campus of the university and on other land of the university, and may provide reasonable penalties for the violation of those rules and regulations. The trustees may appoint as police officers persons employed by the university who, in the enforcement of these rules and regulations and throughout university property shall have the powers of police officers, except as to service of civil process. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all fines and penalties recovered for violation of rules and regulations made under the authority of this section shall be accounted for by the clerk of the court and forwarded to the trustees of the university to be deposited in the scholarship trust fund of the university for scholarship purposes.

Police officers appointed by the trustees of the University of Massachusetts, in connection with the operation of any part of the university within the limits of the campuses, may perform police duties under the direction of the commanding officer or the person in charge of such campus. While performing such duties within those limits, the police officers shall have the same authority, immunities and privileges as duly appointed and qualified police officers acting elsewhere in the commonwealth. Every officer who receives an appointment to a position on a full-time basis in which that person may exercise police powers for any of the campuses of the University of Massachusetts, shall, prior to exercising those police powers, be certified pursuant to chapter 6E.