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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Richard J. Ross Republican - Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex

Photo of  Richard J. Ross
Assistant Minority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 419
Boston, MA, 02133
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SD.30 An Act exempting certain positions in the police department of the town of Millis from the civil service law
HD.190 An Act authorizing the town of Millis to transfer certain recreation property in exchange for dedication of conservation land
SD.1554 An Act authorizing the board of directors of Metacomet Emergency Communications Center to accept chapter 32B of the General Laws
SD.1555 An Act authorizing the State Retirement Board to grant creditable service to John Lyons
SD.1598 An Act relative to prevention of EBT fraud
SD.1601 An Act to further reduce EBT fraud
SD.1606 An Act relative to establishing senior citizen safety zones
SD.1607 An Act to deter underage drinking
SD.1608 An Act relative to professional solicitors
SD.1610 An Act relative to special education enrollment
SD.1612 An Act to reduce paperwork within the department of elementary and secondary education
SD.1617 An Act to repeal the nursing home tax
SD.1620 An Act relative to residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities
SD.1625 An Act relative to campaign finance during special elections
SD.1628 An Act relative to unfunded election audits
SD.1641 An Act relative to health insurance penalties
SD.1643 An Act relative to enhanced housing authority screening
SD.1649 An Act requiring that eminent domain be for the public use and defining public use
SD.1654 An Act relative to the unsealing of records
SD.1655 An Act relative to shared custody
SD.1656 An Act relative to employee records
SD.1657 An Act relative to sex offender classification
SD.1659 An Act relative to sex offender registration
SD.1660 An Act relative to health care proxies
SD.1663 An Act relative to medical malpractice
SD.1666 An Act creating a commission to study the effectiveness of a drug dealer registry in the Commonwealth
SD.1667 An Act creating a drug dealer registry in the commonwealth
SD.1669 An Act relative to retirement board membership
SD.1671 An Act relative to retirement boards
SD.1673 An Act authorizing a city or town to designate a check-off on its real estate tax bills and to establish an economic aid fund
SD.1675 An Act relative to exempting farmers' markets from certain property taxes
SD.1678 An Act establishing a municipal gas tax exemption
SD.1680 An Act relative to property taxes and senior citizens
SD.1682 An Act relative to the assessments of long term care facilities
SD.1683 An Act limiting proposition 2 1/2 override elections and allowing an underride in all communities
SD.1684 An Act to promote conservation through oyster shell recycling
SD.1693 An Act relative to community liaisons
SD.1695 An Act relative to preserving public safety and preventing trespassing on state highways
SD.1697 An Act enhancing local road construction
SD.1699 An Act relative to veterans
SD.1702 An Act relative to handicapped placards
SD.1709 An Act requiring photo identification to receive a ballot
SD.1712 An Act relative to pension fund performance and accountability
SD.1716 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Municipal Dog Park Trust Fund
SD.1719 An Act relative to transparency in government with regard to consultant expenses
SD.1739 An Act relative to LLC filing fees
SD.1742 An Act relative to municipal water resources
SD.1743 An Act relative to charitable organizations and property taxes
SD.1745 An Act relative to distinctive plates for veterans
SD.1749 An Act relative to the waiving of fees for the declaration of homestead for disabled veterans
SD.1750 An Act relative to veterans’ work-related experience in applying for certain licenses
SD.1753 An Act relative to access to higher education for veterans
SD.1755 An Act establishing a tax credit for employment of veterans
SD.1852 An Act relative to pet insurance
SD.1853 An Act relative to work requirements
SD.1854 An Act relative to conflict of interest training
SD.1856 An Act relative to preventing fraud in Massachusetts housing authorities
SD.1860 An Act relative to parking safety
SD.1863 An Act relative to executive employee compensation
SD.1864 An Act relative to impersonating a public officer
SD.1866 An Act prohibiting certain termination and cancellation fees
SD.1869 An Act relative to crimes against police officers
SD.1870 An Act relative to human trafficking prevention
SD.1871 An Act relative to student loan debt
SD.1874 An Act prohibiting the illegal lending of firearms
SD.1876 An Act relative to the counting of certain residences as affordable housing
SD.1879 An Act relative to retirement board contracting
SD.1880 An Act relative to retirement board member training
SD.1885 An Act relative to vandalism and tagging
SD.1886 An Act relative to licensing vertical reciprocating conveyors
SD.1996 An Act relative to affordable housing and water infrastructure
SD.2024 An Act relative to bad faith assertions of patent infringement
SD.2075 By Mr. Ross, a petition (accompanied by bill) (subject to Joint Rule 12) of Richard J. Ross and Elizabeth A. Poirier for legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Ann Barry, an employee of the Division of Professional Licensure. Temporary Ways and Means.
S.14 SD.1646 By Mr. Ross, a petition (accompanied by proposal for constitutional amendment, Senate, No. 14) of Richard J. Ross, Citizens for Limited Taxation and Steven S. Howitt for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to prohibit eminent domain. The Judiciary.
SD.1703 An Act relative to disability insurance benefits This bill is by request. *
SD.1705 An Act relative to moving violations This bill is by request. *
SD.1917 Resolutions recognizing February 26 through March 4, 2017 as Eating Disorders Awareness Week in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.