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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House Committee on Rules 188th (2013 - 2014)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.83  providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to gender-responsive programming for juvenile justice system involved girls Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU) 4/3/2014
H.84  An Act to study the need for drug rehabilitation for Department of Children and Families' clients Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU) 7/9/2014
H.157  providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the misclassification and misdiagnosis of former residents of the Fernald state school Stanley, Thomas M. (HOU) 6/11/2014
H.543  An Act creating a special commission on institutional long term care Hecht, Jonathan (HOU) 4/3/2014
HD.1056  An Act authorizing the city of Newburyport to impose liens upon properties in the town of Newbury which connect to the water and sewer systems of the city Costello, Michael A. (HOU) 3/14/2013
H.1168  An Act establishing a special commission to make an investigation and study of the feasibility of a pilot program for accreditation of alcohol-and drug-free housing Walsh, Martin J. (HOU) 4/3/2014
S.2003  An Act relative to unemployment insurance reforms NONE 4/3/2014
H.2085  An Act relative to the establishment of a commission to modernize HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment Sciortino, Carl M. (HOU) 7/9/2014
HD.2670  An Act that removes the town of Brookline as a member community in Norfolk County Smizik, Frank I. (HOU) 3/12/2013
H.2771  An Act relative to the conduct of legislative committees Arciero, James (HOU) 4/2/2014
H.3223  An Act relative to certain standing committees of the general court Cutler, Josh (HOU) 1/22/2013
H.3373  An Act requiring a 180-day limit on processing home rule petitions Pignatelli, William Smitty (HOU) 4/2/2014
HD.3478  An Act increasing ballot access by reducing the number of nomination petition signatures Winslow, Daniel B. (HOU) 2/21/2013
HD.3479  An Act increasing ballot access by including more political parties Winslow, Daniel B. (HOU) 2/21/2013
HD.3482  An Act relative to the excise tax on malt beverages Barrows, F. Jay (HOU) 2/25/2013
HD.3525  An Act relative to handicapped parking Turner, Cleon H. (HOU) 3/14/2013
HD.3542  An Act relative to the destruction of monuments, graves, and tombstones Stanley, Thomas M. (HOU) 3/26/2013
HD.3543  An Act Relative to the Establishment of a Historical Preservation Fund Stanley, Thomas M. (HOU) 3/26/2013
HD.3544  An Act to authorize the arrest for assault and battery on a public employee Miceli, James R. (HOU) 3/26/2013
HD.3556  An Act to amend the homestead law DiNatale, Stephen L. (HOU) 3/28/2013
HD.3557  An Act relative to students serving in the military Devers, Marcos A. (HOU) 3/28/2013
HD.3558  An Act relative to the minority status of Arab Americans Nyman, Rhonda L. (HOU) 4/2/2013
HD.3563  An Act Relative to CORI Checking Candidates for Office Chan, Tackey (HOU) 4/4/2013
HD.3575  An Act to protect rights and privileges granted under the United States or Massachusetts Constitution Linsky, David Paul (HOU) 4/11/2013
HD.3576  An Act relative to establishing a limit for the municipal revenue growth factor Durant, Peter J. (HOU) 4/11/2013