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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House Committee on Rules

House Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 166
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-2692

Follow In My Legislature Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.474  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to child suicide Haddad, Patricia A. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.729  Resolve to establish a special commission to perform an investigation and providing for a study relative to the long term management, maintenance and future use of the Boston Harbor Long and Moon Islands Ayers, Bruce J. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.793  An Act creating a special commission to study the equity of chapter 21J and 21O Gregoire, Danielle W. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.802  An Act establishing a special commission to ensure the resiliency of family farms in the 21st century Hogan, Kate (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.813  Resolve providing for a commission to study the affects of offshore wind projects on Massachusetts fisheries Kearney, Patrick Joseph (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.837  An Act to study the feasibility of creating and implementing a gypsy moth spraying program Muratore, Mathew J. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.1278  Resolve relative to housing visitability Hecht, Jonathan (HOU) 2/13/2020
H.1325  An Act to establish a task force to review housing production and equity in the Commonwealth Vargas, Andres X. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.1608  Resolve establishing a special commission to improve utilization of skilled immigrants in the Commonwealth Domb, Mindy (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.1762  An Act to reform the distribution of unrestricted local aid Cabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.1779  An Act relative to parking and pedestrian safety Dykema, Carolyn C. (HOU) 2/5/2020
HD.2025  An Act relative to Brockton school police Cassidy, Gerard J. (HOU) 6/25/2019
H.2112  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to preparedness for natural disasters Naughton, Jr., Harold P. (HOU) 2/5/2020
HD.2306  An Act relative to train culverts in the town of Lynnfield Jones, Jr., Bradley H. (HOU) 6/25/2019
HD.2318  An Act regarding decennial division of wards and precincts Michlewitz, Aaron (HOU) 6/25/2019
S.2422  An Act relative to plastic bag reduction None 12/2/2019
HD.2588  An Act providing survivor benefits to Ava Roy, the daughter of fallen firefighter Christopher Roy Mahoney, John J. (HOU) 9/16/2019
H.2661  An Act creating a legislative research bureau Hecht, Jonathan (HOU) 2/6/2020
H.2662  An Act regarding transparent budgeting Mark, Paul W. (HOU) 2/6/2020
H.2663  An Act enhancing public awareness of tax and fee increases O'Connell, Shaunna L. (HOU) 2/6/2020
H.2701  An Act establishing a commission on automated decision-making, artificial intelligence, transparency, fairness, and individual rights Garballey, Sean (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.2741  An Act establishing the Massachusetts law revision commission Livingstone, Jay D. (HOU) 2/5/2020
H.2962  An Act providing for a study to be conducted on the cost feasibility of implementing a ferry service to Long Island in Boston Harbor Ayers, Bruce J. (HOU) 2/13/2020
H.3130  An Act establishing a special commission to identify, preserve and commemorate historic roadways in Massachusetts Smola, Todd M. (HOU) 2/5/2020
HD.3340  An Act relative to prevailing wages in Seekonk Howitt, Steven S. (HOU) 6/25/2019