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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House Committee on Bills in the Third Reading 189th (2015 - 2016)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.11  An Act relative to disabled persons’ parking placards Inspector General 5/2/2016
H.20  An Act related to the forfeiture of pension upon conviction of child pornography and other offenses Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System 12/28/2015
S.20  An Act relative to the special election in the city known as the town of Greenfield Rosenberg, Stanley C. (SEN) 4/2/2015
S.38  An Act relative to the town of Barre Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 6/22/2015
H.82  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to gender-responsive programming for juvenile justice system involved girls Fox, Gloria L. (HOU) 1/27/2016
H.98  An Act strengthening early support and education Kulik, Stephen (HOU) 12/27/2016
H.108  An Act relative to the safe placement of newborn infants O'Connell, Shaunna L. (HOU) 11/5/2015
H.112  An Act protecting Department of Children and Families social workers’ home addresses O'Day, James J. (HOU) 4/19/2016
H.132  An Act relative to mandated reporters Scibak, John W. (HOU) 6/2/2016
H.140  An Act to allow certain stores and shops to open on holidays Chan, Tackey (HOU) 9/10/2015
H.141  An Act relative to partial payments Chan, Tackey (HOU) 9/8/2015
H.159  An Act to protect businesses from unwanted telemarketing Cantwell, James M. (HOU) 3/24/2016
H.208  An Act relative to unsolicited credit cards, checks, and vouchers by mail Kafka, Louis L. (HOU) 3/24/2016
H.217  An Act regulating residential paving Kulik, Stephen (HOU) 3/10/2016
H.225  An Act updating chapter 93H data security protections to include biometric information Mariano, Ronald (HOU) 2/25/2016
H.230  An Act to allow non-profits to purchase alcohol from retail package stores for charitable events McMurtry, Paul (HOU) 2/25/2016
H.232  An Act relative to fines for license violations Michlewitz, Aaron (HOU) 3/24/2016
H.234  An Act concerning the transferal of innholders' licenses Michlewitz, Aaron (HOU) 4/16/2015
H.241  An Act relative to protecting consumers of the Commonwealth Naughton, Harold P. (HOU) 5/2/2016
H.246  An Act making municipalities eligible to attend auctions for the purchase of motor vehicles Peisch, Alice Hanlon (HOU) 5/2/2016
H.247  An Act regulating the granting of temporary licenses for the sale of wine, beer, and malt liquor at auctions Peisch, Alice Hanlon (HOU) 2/25/2016
H.250  An Act prohibiting intentional misrepresentation by a business of its location Poirier, Elizabeth A. (HOU) 3/24/2016
H.257  An Act relative to notification of licensees Puppolo, Angelo J. (HOU) 4/19/2016
H.262  An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids Scibak, John W. (HOU) 5/26/2016
H.266  An Act updating a certain requirement for on premises liquor license applicants Scibak, John W. (HOU) 4/7/2016