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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government

Date Time Topic Location Status Bills
3/28/2017 11:00 AM Home rule petitions and local bills A-2 Completed
4/11/2017 1:00 PM Home rule petitions A-2 Completed
5/2/2017 10:30 AM Zoning A-2 Completed
5/30/2017 1:00 PM Home rule petitions and regional bills B-1 Completed
6/27/2017 11:00 AM Home rules, zoning, powers and duties 222 Completed
7/25/2017 11:00 AM Home rule petitions B-1 Completed
9/12/2017 1:00 PM Local bills, Municipal Finance, Zoning B-2 Completed
9/26/2017 11:00 AM transportation and environment B-1 Completed
10/17/2017 1:00 PM Home Rules and Animal Bills 222 Completed
10/31/2017 11:00 AM Municipal powers and duties A-1 Completed
11/14/2017 11:00 AM Local and Miscellaneous bills A-1 Completed
2/6/2018 10:30 AM new bills on cable access funds and forest wardens B-1 Completed