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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery

Senate Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 309
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-1570

House Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 33
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-2060

Follow In My Legislature Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.923  An Act establishing psychiatric advance directives for mental health care DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 3/25/2019 Scheduled for
7/11/2019 10:00 AM
S.942  An Act to provide critical community services Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 3/25/2019
S.1087  An Act raising employment and combating opioids through vocational education and rehabilitation (RECOVER) Kennedy, Edward J. (SEN) 4/9/2019
S.1134  An Act relative to supervised injection facilities Boncore, Joseph A. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1135  An Act to transfer Bridgewater State Hospital from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Mental Health Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1136  An Act requiring victims to be notified of certain hearings concerning the custodial status of individuals adjudged not guilty of a crime by reason of mental illness or after being found not competent to stand trial Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1137  An Act enabling physician assistants to authorize psychiatric and substance abuse holds deMacedo, Viriato M. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1138  An Act ensuring proper substance abuse treatment deMacedo, Viriato M. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1139  An Act relative to voluntary third-party notification of end of treatment for alcohol and substance abuse DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1140  An Act relative to substance use accountable care organizations DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1141  An Act relative to best practices for sober homes DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1142  An Act relative to psychotropic medication DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1143  An Act relative to equity in suicide prevention Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 2/28/2019 Scheduled for
7/11/2019 10:00 AM
H.1143  An Act relative to funding the Behavioral Health Workforce Development Trust Fund Cutler, Josh S. (HOU) 4/4/2019
S.1144  An Act relative to mental health peer specialists certification Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1145  An Act ensuring access to addiction services Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1146  An Act to provide more timely treatment of inpatient mental health care Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1147  An Act relative to a behavioral health workforce commission Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1148  An Act relative to medical necessity for mental health acute treatment Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1149  An Act strengthening prescription drug safety and drug stewardship Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1150  An Act providing access to full spectrum addiction treatment services Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1151  An Act allowing increased data access in opiate overdose reports Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1152  An Act to improve access to behavioral health services Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1153  An Act to remove administrative barriers to behavioral health services Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019
S.1154  An Act to protect children's mental health services Keenan, John F. (SEN) 2/28/2019 Scheduled for
7/11/2019 10:00 AM