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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Senate Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 213-B
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-1643

House Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 167
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-2230

Follow In My Legislature Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.1476  An Act to require liability insurance for gun ownership Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1477  An Act to improve transparency and accountability in correctional facilities Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1478  An Act relative to military grade controlled property Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1479  An Act protecting inmate safety and the expenditure of state funds Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1480  An Act creating the public safety building authority Brady, Michael D. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1481  An Act relative to access to community corrections Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1482  An Act relative to American Sign Language training Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1483  An Act for an equitable ten community pilot program to improve traffic safety Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1484  An Act implementing the recommendations of the Walsh-Kennedy Commission Report Collins, Nick (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1485  An Act relative to violation of regulation regarding hot work processes Collins, Nick (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1486  An Act relative to the POST Commission Collins, Nick (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1487  Resolutions to embrace the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and move the US back from the brink of nuclear war Comerford, Joanne M. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1488  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the existential threats posed by nuclear weapons and climate change to the commonwealth of Massachusetts Comerford, Joanne M. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1489  An Act creating a Municipal and Public Safety Building Authority Comerford, Joanne M. (SEN) 4/25/2023
S.1490  An Act relative to a fresh start Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1491  An Act relative to preventing illegal trafficking of firearms Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1492  An Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysis Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1493  An Act relative to rehabilitation, re-entry, and human rights for incarcerated persons Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1494  An Act to keep families connected Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1495  An Act relative to firearms and firearms violence Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1496  An Act relative to ghost guns Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1497  An Act to connect veterans with earned benefits Cronin, John J. (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1498  An Act to improve public health and safety standards in communities around aging nuclear power plants and high-level nuclear waste dump sites Cyr, Julian (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1499  An Act to promote rehabilitation including guaranteed health, treatment, and safety for incarcerated LGBTQI+ People Cyr, Julian (SEN) 3/10/2023
S.1500  An Act relative to firearms in certain public buildings Cyr, Julian (SEN) 3/10/2023