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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Housing

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Report Type
S.84  An Act relative to smart growth housing production Forry, Linda Dorcena (SEN) Favorable
H.127  An Act promoting accessory dwelling units Honan, Kevin G. (HOU) Favorable
H.128  An Act relative to smart growth housing production Honan, Kevin G. (HOU) Favorable
H.649  An Act relative to advance rent and security deposits Barrows, F. Jay (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4744
H.650  An Act amending the definition of "uneconomic" in Chapter 40B, so called Cantwell, James M. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.651  An Act relative to procedures of the housing appeals committee Cantwell, James M. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.652  An Act to promote local and regional affordable housing planning Cantwell, James M. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.653  An Act establishing a pilot program for home loans for recent graduates in northern Berkshire County Cariddi, Gailanne M. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4740
H.654  An Act relative to capital relief in a counterclaim Coppinger, Edward F. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4744
H.655  An Act regarding right of first refusal in the event of foreclosure and short sales and deeds in lieu Cullinane, Daniel (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4740
H.656  An Act relative to cost certification for certain housing developments Cutler, Josh (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4754
H.657  Resolve establishing a Special Commission to Study and Make Recommendations Relative to Chapter 40B Day, Michael (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.658  An Act to promote affordable housing Day, Michael (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.659  An Act to protect families experiencing homelessness from having to sleep in unsafe places Decker, Marjorie (HOU) Favorable
H.660  An Act expanding the definition of affordable housing to include manufactured homes DeCoste, David F. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.661  An Act providing for safe, decent and sanitary housing for recipients of the HomeBASE program Fiola, Carole A. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4754
H.662  An Act authorizing certain cities and towns to use the Community Preservation Fund for market rate housing Fiola, Carole A. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4740
H.663  An Act relative to redevelopment authority vacancies Frost, Paul K. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4743
H.664  An Act relative to the management of condominium associations Galvin, William C. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4743
H.665  An Act relative to low and moderate income housing Garry, Colleen M. (HOU) Accompanied a Study H.4791
H.666  An Act relative to manufactured housing communities Haddad, Patricia A. (HOU) Favorable
H.667  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the need for accessible homes for the elderly, returning veterans with disabilities, and families that include persons with disabilities Hecht, Jonathan (HOU) Favorable
H.668  An Act to expedite multifamily housing construction Honan, Kevin G. (HOU) Accompanied H.3844
H.669  An Act establishing an office of the condominium ombudsman Honan, Kevin G. (HOU) Favorable
H.670  An Act to establish an apprenticeship program to ready vacant public housing apartments for occupancy Honan, Kevin G. (HOU) Favorable
S — Pending in the Senate Clerk's Office

H — Pending in the House Clerk's Office