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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Rules 191st (2019 - 2020)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.200  An Act relative to blockchain and cryptocurrencies Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 8/10/2020
S.204  An Act establishing an industrial mill building revitalization task force Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 8/10/2020
S.205  An Act relative to the Rural Policy Advisory Commission Hinds, Adam G. (SEN) 8/10/2020
S.210  An Act establishing the Massachusetts future of work commission Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 8/10/2020
SD.2262  An Act to protect consumers with automobile leases Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 1/31/2019
SD.2285  An Act concerning ballots Boncore, Joseph A. (SEN) 2/7/2019
SD.2293  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Norwood as the Thomas J. Kewriga Memorial Bridge Rush, Michael F. (SEN) 2/14/2019
SD.2332  An Act to protect public health, promote accountability and prevent the violation of individual rights through the misuse, abuse and the violation of law Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 3/14/2019
SD.2359  Resolutions condemning political oppression and encouraging free and fair elections in Cambodia Kennedy, Edward J. (SEN) 3/20/2019
SD.2365  An Act establishing Building Trades Opioids Awareness Week Collins, Nick (SEN) 3/28/2019
SD.2372  An Act relative to Open Meeting Law notice requirements Finegold, Barry R. (SEN) 4/1/2019
SD.2388  An Act to preserve the practice of including annual payments in lieu of vacation as regular compensation for current retirees and active retirement system members where such benefit existed as of May 2018 Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 4/11/2019
SD.2463  An Act relative to dry needling Humason, Donald F., Jr. (SEN) 6/13/2019
S.2464  An Act to modernize property tax abatements for veterans Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 1/4/2021
SD.2467  An Act protecting individual rights to protected health information Cyr, Julian (SEN) 6/17/2019
SD.2572  An Act relative to negligent property inspections Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 9/30/2019
SD.2788  An Act allowing Wayne Estes, a retired member of the Massachusetts DDS, an accidental disability retirement option Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 2/5/2020
SD.2884  An Act to expand take-out/delivery options for local restaurants in response to COVID-19 DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 4/6/2020
SD.2889  An Act establishing a COVID-19 homeowner protection act Moore, Michael O. (SEN) 4/6/2020
SD.2910  An Act relative to early voting for the 2020 state primary Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 4/16/2020
SD.2922  An Act relative to school transportation vendors during the COVID-19 pandemic Kennedy, Edward J. (SEN) 4/23/2020
SD.2934  An Act relative to manufacturing and factory worker protection from COVID-19 Feeney, Paul R. (SEN) 5/7/2020
SD.2942  An Act prohibiting water, fire and other districts from shutting off water supplied to customers during the COVID-19 emergency Moore, Michael O. (SEN) 5/14/2020
SD.2945  An Act granting a certain classification and early retirement creditable service to trial court chief probation officers Moore, Michael O. (SEN) 5/14/2020
SD.2953  An Act to protect communities of color Brady, Michael D. (SEN) 5/28/2020