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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Ways and Means

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.20  An Act requiring child and parent involvement in permanency and placement planning Candaras, Gale D. (SEN) 1/21/2014
S.34  An Act relative to identity theft protections for foster children Flanagan, Jennifer L. (SEN) 4/7/2014
S.38  An Act further regulating the release of information concerning adoption Knapik, Michael R. (SEN) 4/7/2014
S.39  to keep siblings together Spilka, Karen E. (SEN) 10/9/2013
S.44  An Act relative to the parental notification for minors who violate probation Brewer, Stephen M. (SEN) 4/7/2014
S.48  An Act to bring child support home Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 2/27/2014
S.49  An Act relative to the rights of children adopted by unmarried persons Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 4/7/2014
S.64  An Act protecting disabled persons from financial exploitation. Tarr, Bruce E. (SEN) 4/7/2014
S.68  relative to active streets and healthy communities Chandler, Harriett L. (SEN) 3/20/2014
S.69  An Act establishing an early education and out-of-school time capital fund DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 6/13/2013
S.70  lessening the financial burden on small limited liability companies Donoghue, Eileen M. (SEN) 6/13/2013
S.136  An Act relative to mobile spas Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 3/31/2014
S.165  An Act relative to certain alcoholic liquor licenses Welch, James T. (SEN) 6/5/2014
S.170  relative to cultural district eligibility for the MassWorks infrastructure program Donoghue, Eileen M. (SEN) 4/3/2014
S.172  relative to rail-trail construction Donoghue, Eileen M. (SEN) 2/13/2014
S.181  relative to economic development and industrial corporations Knapik, Michael R. (SEN) 4/3/2014
S.182  An Act providing for a study by the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development relative to a state new markets tax credit program Knapik, Michael R. (SEN) 4/3/2014
S.191  to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation by partnering world-class entrepreneurs with state agencies Spilka, Karen E. (SEN) 4/3/2014
S.205  to assist parental choice concerning special education placements Chang-Diaz, Sonia (SEN) 6/24/2013
S.208  An Act relative to dropout prevention and recovery Chang-Diaz, Sonia (SEN) 3/6/2014
S.221  relating to special education evaluation and referral DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 3/24/2014
S.229  to improve the excellence to teaching programs Donnelly, Kenneth J. (SEN) 3/20/2014
S.234  An Act relative to financial literacy in schools Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 3/20/2014
S.287  An Act to standardize the regulation of skilled nursing facilities Chandler, Harriett L. (SEN) 7/3/2014
S.288  An Act relative to stabilizing the commonwealth’s nursing facilities Chandler, Harriett L. (SEN) 6/24/2014