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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Ways and Means 190th (2017 - 2018)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.21  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Paula Daggett, an employee of the Department of Correction Fattman, Ryan C. (SEN) 2/15/2017
S.25  An Act improving outcomes for transition age youth Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 3/5/2018
S.26  An Act to promote choice for people with cognitive disabilities and their families Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 5/21/2018
S.28  An Act preventing funds deposited in children's savings accounts from counting against cash assistance benefits Chang-Diaz, Sonia (SEN) 4/11/2018
S.30  An Act to bring child support home Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 7/13/2017
S.34  An Act to lift the cap on kids DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 10/19/2017
S.35  An Act to promote employment Donnelly, Kenneth J. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.36  An Act establishing the healthy incentives program Donoghue, Eileen M. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.37  An Act promoting financial stability and asset development Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.40  An Act creating an electronic backpack for foster children Fattman, Ryan C. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.41  An Act relative to the re-homing of children Flanagan, Jennifer L. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.42  An Act relative to creating a loan repayment program for human service workers Flanagan, Jennifer L. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.43  An Act to assist families caring for elders Flanagan, Jennifer L. (SEN) 5/29/2018
S.46  An Act creating a Bill of Rights for people experiencing homelessness Forry, Linda Dorcena (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.47  An Act relative to fair pay for comparable work Forry, Linda Dorcena (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.48  An Act to promote the appropriate treatment of young children Forry, Linda Dorcena (SEN) 4/11/2018
S.51  An Act relative to eligibility for disability services Keenan, John F. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.52  An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities Keenan, John F. (SEN) 3/26/2018
S.54  An Act creating a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth L'Italien, Barbara A. (SEN) 11/15/2017
S.55  An Act relative to spouses as caregivers L'Italien, Barbara A. (SEN) 5/21/2018
S.56  An Act relative to passage to independence L'Italien, Barbara A. (SEN) 11/15/2017
S.60  An Act relative to cueing and supervision in the PCA program Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 5/29/2018
S.65  An Act relative to foster kids O'Connor Ives, Kathleen (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.75  An Act to keep siblings together Spilka, Karen E. (SEN) 3/29/2018
S.78  An Act establishing the miracle league of Massachusetts Welch, James T. (SEN) 3/29/2018