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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1619  An Act making technical corrections to the state trademarks act Cynthia S. Creem
S.1626  Resolve establishing a special commission to identify a suitable location for a justice complex in Southern Middlesex County Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1634  An Act establishing a legislative fiscal office James B. Eldridge
S.1645  An Act to Strengthen Impact, Efficiency and Accountability in the Government-Nonprofit Partnership Jennifer L. Flanagan
S.1647  An Act establishing an office of Access and Opportunities Linda Dorcena Forry
S.1648  An Act to promote purchasing from social enterprises by governmental bodies Linda Dorcena Forry
S.1661  An Act to require periodic regulatory review at the Department of Revenue Donald F. Humason, Jr.
S.1662  An Act relative to increasing information sharing among state agencies Donald F. Humason, Jr.
S.1663  An Act relative to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination Donald F. Humason, Jr.
S.1664  An Act requiring the disclosure of public funding Patricia D. Jehlen
S.1667  An Act providing the commonwealth with greater flexibility in public contracting Brian A. Joyce
S.1673  An Act expanding the authority of the bureau of special investigations Thomas P. Kennedy
S.1680  An Act to reinvest savings for the financial health of the human service system Barbara A. L'Italien
S.1683  An Act An Act relative to the prohibition of the use of state funds Mark C. Montigny
S.1685  An Act relative to annual reports Mark C. Montigny
S.1686  An Act relative to equitable pay at quasi-public agencies Mark C. Montigny
S.1687  An Act relative to former state employees and elected officials Mark C. Montigny
S.1688  An Act relative to oversight of capital expenditures in the Commonwealth Mark C. Montigny
S.1690  An Act for a mixed use redevelopment of state pier to enhance economic development of the New Bedford waterfront and downtown Mark C. Montigny
S.1691  An Act to further expand Bristol Community College in downtown New Bedford Mark C. Montigny
S.1695  An Act to require periodic regulatory review at the Department of Revenue Michael O. Moore
S.1696  Resolve to study the feasibility of streamlining business registration Michael O. Moore
S.1708  An Act to increase the transparency of the Massachusetts Historical Commission Michael J. Rodrigues
S.1709  An Act to reduce energy burdens and increase competitiveness in the Commonwealth Michael J. Rodrigues
S.1710  An Act to eliminate contingency fee auditors Michael J. Rodrigues
S.1720  An Act to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by partnering world-class innovators with state agencies Karen E. Spilka
S.1721  An Act relative to structural steel Bruce E. Tarr
S.1734  An Act relative to employee settlements Bruce E. Tarr
S.1738  An Act to promote contract efficiency Bruce E. Tarr
S.1739  An Act to ensure compliance and equity in state reimbursement Bruce E. Tarr
S.1741  An Act relative to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Bruce E. Tarr
S.1742  An Act An act creating accountability for legislative reports Bruce E. Tarr
H.4  An Act reconciling inconsistent statutory audit schedules Suzanne Bump
H.7  An Act improving the internal controls within state agencies Suzanne Bump
H.2715  An Act to improve the open meeting law Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2718  An Act to name the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2720  An Act relative to global positioning system technology and public employees Tackey Chan
H.2721  An Act redefining executive and legislative agents Tackey Chan
H.2727  An Act An act reducing filing fees for certain small business Josh S. Cutler
H.2746  An Act relative to improving the safety and standards of organizing a business Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
H.2753  An Act relative to the opening meeting law Bradford R. Hill
H.2754  An Act relative to accessible electronic information technology for persons with disabilities Bradford R. Hill
H.2764  An Act relative to prohibiting pay-to-play schemes Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2774  An Act to exempt the deliberation of public bodies at town meeting from the open meeting law Peter V. Kocot
H.2775  An Act updating the open meeting law Peter V. Kocot
H.2781  An Act protecting children and parents Marc T. Lombardo
H.2783  An Act relative to the timeframe for MCAD investigations Timothy R. Madden
H.2806  An Act relative to the use of audio or video recordings as minutes of public bodies Denise Provost
H.2815  An Act providing for disposition of surplus state real property based on smart growth land use policies Jeffrey S├ínchez
H.2817  An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water Tom Sannicandro
H.2823  An Act relative to landscape sprinkler systems Paul A. Schmid, III
H.2827  An Act relative to the Secretary of State and ethics reform Todd M. Smola
H.2833  Resolve establishing a special commission to conduct an investigation and study relative to permitting advertising on state websites Walter F. Timilty
H.2837  An Act directing the commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land to the Salem Redevelopment Authority Paul Tucker
H.3304  An Act relative to the open meeting law Paul McMurtry
H.3519  An Act relative to privatization contracts Daniel M. Donahue