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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.84  An Act to further provide a rental arrearage program Marjorie C. Decker
H.85  An Act relative to the well being and care of a child Marjorie C. Decker
S.34  An Act to lift the cap on kids Sal N. DiDomenico
H.94  An Act requiring the Department of Transitional Assistance to track and report on the use of emergency shelter services by families Danielle W. Gregoire
H.101  An Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health and safety-net programs Jay D. Livingstone
H.105  An Act relative to strengthening public assistance programs Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.106  An Act relative to the out-of-state use of cash assistance Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.114  An Act to prevent homelessness among recipients of transitional assistance Denise Provost
H.121  An Act preventing funds deposited in children’s savings accounts from counting against cash assistance benefits Chynah Tyler
H.1952  An Act to bring child support home Christine P. Barber
S.30  An Act to bring child support home Cynthia Stone Creem
S.35  An Act to promote employment Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.36  An Act establishing the healthy incentives program Eileen M. Donoghue
S.37  An Act promoting financial stability and asset development James B. Eldridge
S.71  An Act relative to prevention of EBT fraud Richard J. Ross
S.72  An Act to further reduce EBT fraud Richard J. Ross
S.73  An Act relative to work requirements Richard J. Ross