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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Chynah Tyler Democrat - 7th Suffolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.3010 An Act relative to crime victim funeral and burial assistance
  HD.3013 An Act relative to the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center
  HD.3014 An Act designating a certain water spray deck park within the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Melnea A. Cass Recreation Complex in the Roxbury neighborhood of the City of Boston as the “Nakieka “Kiki” Taylor Water Deck”
  HD.3016 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to gender-responsive programming for juvenile justice system involved girls
  HD.3018 An Act The establishment of a permanent commission on the social status of Black men and boys
  HD.3024 An Act relative to telephone service for inmates in all correctional and other penal institutions in the Commonwealth
  HD.3184 An Act to establish an Office of Youth Development
  HD.3203 An Act relative to equity in public workforce
  HD.3207 An Act creating the justice safety valve
  HD.3259 An Act relative to the collection and transmission of certain traffic and pedestrian stop data
  HD.3315 An Act to study the feasibility reassessment of the Roxbury light-speed rail access
  HD.3358 An Act adjusting area median income based on zip code.
  HD.3377 An Act protecting the safety of victims of violent crimes
  HD.3385 An Act to ensure right to counsel in eviction proceedings
  HD.3391 An Act establishing tuition free community college in Massachusetts
  HD.3397 An Act renaming the MBTA Dudley station
  HD.3404 An Act eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth
  HD.3412 An Act improving juvenile justice data collection
  HD.3417 An Act relative to establishing a prevailing wage for security officers
  HD.3421 An Act relative to state contracting
  HD.3439 An Act relative to women’s health
  HD.3465 An Act Massachusetts corrections oversight commission
  HD.3561 An Act to establish a commission related to Opportunity Zones in the Commonwealth
  HD.3589 An Act relative to the expungement of records of marijuana arrests.
  HD.3600 An Act relative to firearms
  HD.3610 An Act relative to firearm purchases.
  HD.3644 An Act relative to firearm sales
  HD.3667 An Act to eliminate workplace drug testing for marijuana
  HD.3672 An Act relative to firearm reporting procedures
  HD.3679 An Act relative to firearm licensing
  HD.3722 An Act promoting trauma informed supports in schools
  HD.3753 An Act establishing an education finance reform data advisory commission
  HD.3796 An Act to establish the Innovation Demonstrating Equity and Achievement grant
  HD.3877 An Act to establish the parent engagement and supports grant
  HD.3885 An Act concerning education in honor of Byron Rushing
  HD.3933 An Act allowing for a tax credit for rent paid on the personal residence of the taxpayer
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.