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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Health Care Financing


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.507  strengthening market impact review Katherine M. Clark
S.512  An Act relative to Commonwealth Care eligibility Benjamin B. Downing
S.513  An Act relative to student health insurance Benjamin B. Downing
S.518  An Act to provide access to patient protection services for all Massachusetts citizens Jennifer L. Flanagan
S.520  An Act relative to indexing provider growth by health care providers John Hart, Jr.
S.523  An Act to provide for the privacy of information submitted by hospital medical staff Thomas P. Kennedy
S.530  Relative to Full Application of Telemedicine Coverage Mark C. Montigny
S.533  An Act establishing health care criteria for performance excellence Richard T. Moore
S.543  An Act to ensure the privacy of patient prescription records Richard T. Moore
S.549  An Act to promote electronic transmission of health care transactions Richard T. Moore
S.550  An Act to provide for tobacco cessation benefits Richard T. Moore
S.562  An Act relative to direct contracting Michael J. Rodrigues
S.563  An Act relative to health insurance penalties Richard J. Ross
S.566  to address the lack of sex-specific data in Massachusetts Karen E. Spilka
S.568  An Act to strengthen the management of the health care connector Bruce E. Tarr
H.1001  An Act relative to direct contracting Bruce J. Ayers
H.1010  An Act to direct contracting of risk bearing provider organization with certain state agencies Tackey Chan
H.1036  An Act amending Section 29 of Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012 John J. Mahoney
H.1043  An Act strengthening market impact review David M. Nangle
H.1044  An Act to set standards for AGO review of provider practices David M. Nangle
H.3346  An Act relative to parity of treatment with substance abuse Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
H.3634  An Act establishing a birth-related neurological injury compensation program in the commonwealth Steven M. Walsh