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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Person subject to tax; method of denoting payment; ''person'' defined

Section 2. The tax imposed by this chapter shall be paid by the person who makes or signs the deed, instrument or writing, or for whose benefit the same is made or signed. The payment of the tax shall be denoted by adhesive stamps affixed to the deed, instrument or writing, or to the vellum, parchment or paper upon which it is written or printed.

The person using or affixing a stamp shall cancel the same by writing or stamping thereon the initials of his name and the date when the same is affixed or used, in such manner that it cannot be used again; provided, however, that the stamp shall not be so defaced as to prevent determination of its denomination and genuineness.

The word ''person'' shall, for the purposes of this chapter only, include political subdivisions of the commonwealth.