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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 203A: Document disclosing material facts

Section 203A. (a) Each investment adviser registered under this chapter shall disseminate to each client or prospective client a document disclosing material facts. The document shall include information concerning:

(1) compensation arrangements between the client and the investment adviser;

(2) the nature of services offered;

(3) business practices; and

(4) methods for obtaining information on disciplinary history and registration of the investment adviser and persons associated with the investment adviser.

(b) Each investment adviser and each of its representatives registered under this chapter shall disclose to each client before a purchase or sale is effected on behalf of the client:

(1) the total amount of sales commissions or other fees that may reasonably be expected to be charged or deducted in connection with the purchase or sale;

(2) that the adviser will receive the amount or a portion of the amount, or, in the case of a transaction to be effected through a broker-dealer that is a person associated or under common control with the adviser, that the broker-dealer is affiliated with the adviser and will receive the amount or portion of the amount; and

(3) the existence of any compensation arrangement with an issuer or other third party with respect to the recommended transaction.

The disclosure shall be in writing if the purchase or sale was recommended in writing. The secretary may, by rule, permit a client to waive in writing, the right to a disclosure.