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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1: Definitions

Section 1. Wherever used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words or terms shall have the following meanings:

''Authority'', an authority established by section three or section fourteen.

''Council'', the regional transit authority council established in section 27.

''Department'', the mass transit transit division within the department of transportation.

''Equipment'', all rolling stock, and other conveyances, vehicles, rails, signal and control systems, lighting and power distribution systems, fences, station equipment, fare collection equipment, incidental apparatus and other tangible personal property, whether or not affixed to realty, required or convenient for the mass movement of persons.

''Fiscal year'', the year beginning with July first and ending with the following June thirtieth.

''Mass transportation facilities'', all real property, including land, improvements, terminals, stations, garages, yards, shops, and structures appurtenant thereto, and all easements, air rights, licenses, permits and franchises, used in connection with the mass movement of persons.

''Net cost of service'', the difference between (a) all income received by the authority, including but not limited to revenues and receipts from operations, advertising, parking, sale of capital assets in the ordinary course of business, and gifts and grants for current purposes, and (b) all current expenses incurred by the authority, including but not limited to expenses for operations, wages, contracts for service by others, maintenance, debt service, including any debts, liabilities and obligations assumed under the provisions of law and including any applicable sinking fund requirements, taxes and rentals, payments into a reserve account established pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (q) of section six, and all other expenses which the authority determines not to capitalize, when such expenses exceed such income. Expenditures from the proceeds of bonds or bond anticipation notes shall not be included in current expenses.

''Net saving'', any excess of the income items included in the definition of the net cost of service over the expense items included in that computation.

''Secretary'', the adminstrator of transportation for mass transit within the department of transportation.