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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1-302: Subject matter jurisdiction

Section 1-302. [Subject Matter Jurisdiction.]

(a) To the full extent permitted by the constitution, the court has jurisdiction over all subject matter relating to: (1) estates of decedents, including construction of wills and determination of heirs and successors of decedents, and estates of protected persons, (2) protection of minors and incapacitated persons, (3) trusts, and (4) any other matters authorized by section 6 of chapter 215. The district court and the juvenile court shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the probate and family court to appoint guardians of minors when the subject of the petition is a minor and there is a proceeding before such district or juvenile court. The district and juvenile court shall have continuing jurisdiction over resignation, removal, reporting, and other proceedings related to the guardianship.

(b) The court has full power to make orders, judgments and decrees and take all other action necessary and proper to administer justice in the matters which come before it.

(c) The court has jurisdiction over protective proceedings and guardianship proceedings. Part 2 of Article 5A provides the exclusive jurisdictional basis for a court of the commonwealth to appoint a guardian or issue a protective order for an adult.

(d) If both guardianship and protective proceedings as to the same person are commenced or pending in the same court, the proceedings may be consolidated.