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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4-201: Payment of debt and delivery of property to domiciliary foreign personal representative without local administration

Section 4–201. [Payment of Debt and Delivery of Property to Domiciliary Foreign Personal Representative Without Local Administration.]

(a) At any time after the expiration of 60 days from the death of a nonresident decedent, any person indebted to the estate of the nonresident decedent or having possession or control of personal property, or of an instrument evidencing a debt, obligation, stock or chose in action belonging to the estate of the nonresident decedent, or holding personal property subject to a general power of appointment exercised by the will of a nonresident decedent duly admitted to probate in a foreign jurisdiction, may pay the debt, deliver the personal property, or the instrument evidencing the debt, obligation, stock or chose in action, to the domiciliary foreign personal representative of the nonresident decedent upon being presented with proof of appointment and an affidavit made by or on behalf of the representative stating:

(1) the date of the death of the nonresident decedent,

(2) that no local administration, or application or petition therefor, is pending in this state,

(3) that the domiciliary foreign personal representative is entitled to payment or delivery.

(b) Payment or delivery may be made to a foreign personal representative of a nonresident decedent appointed in a jurisdiction which was not the domicile of the decedent upon similar proof of appointment and affidavit, if such affidavit also states that there is no domiciliary foreign personal representative and no proceedings are pending for appointment of a personal representative in any court in the jurisdiction of the decedent's domicile and that the foreign personal representative is the personal representative appointed in the appointment proceeding first commenced.

(c) If such nonresident decedent owned tangible personal property located in the commonwealth at the time of death, or at any time during the twelve months preceding death had a permanent or temporary place of abode in the commonwealth, a foreign personal representative of the decedent shall not accept payment or delivery pursuant to this section earlier than one month after filing proof of his authority in accordance with section 4–204 with a copy to the commissioner of revenue.