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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Alyson M. Sullivan Republican - 7th Plymouth

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  HD.766 An Act relative to PERAC benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic
  HD.767 An Act authorizing deer hunting on Sunday
  HD.768 An Act in relation to prohibiting price gouging with respect to goods, services and supplies during a declared public health emergency
  HD.769 An Act relative to furthering the success of opiate intervention programs
  HD.771 An Act relative to indecent assault and battery
  HD.772 An Act relative to parental visitation and custody for children of rape victims
  HD.773 An Act relative to the study of traffic in East Bridgewater
  HD.774 An Act relative to possession of a dangerous weapon
  HD.775 An Act relative to protecting domestic violence victims
  HD.776 An Act relative to studying best practices for ensuring the safety of blind persons
  HD.777 An Act to promote correctional personnel safety
  HD.1348 An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain public safety employees
  HD.1349 An Act establishing identification at the voting polls
  HD.1350 An Act relative to pharmacy benefit managers reimbursements to pharmacies in the commonwealth
  HD.1351 An Act establishing a permanent commission to study the service standards for sexual assault and domestic violence service providers
  HD.1352 An Act establishing statewide standards for sexual assault and domestic violence service providers
  HD.1441 An Act relative to additional inspectors; inspector engaging in plumbing or gas fitting work
  HD.1442 An Act prohibiting name-changing for registered sex offenders
  HD.1443 An Act relative to expanding the property tax exemption for qualified veterans
  HD.1570 An Act relative to the protection for children born alive
  HD.2136 An Act relative to authorizing a cost of living increase for the employees of the Massachusetts State Legislature
  HD.2137 An Act prohibiting child sex dolls
  HD.3424 An Act related to unborn victims of Down Syndrome
  HD.4000 An Act to protect victims of rape and children conceived during the commission of said offense
  HD.4012 An Act strengthening sexual harassment and discrimination policies in the commonwealth
  HD.4014 An Act concerning nondisclosure agreements
  HD.4015 An Act concerning nondisclosure agreements relative to sexual harassment and discrimination
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.