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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Benjamin B. Downing Served 2015 - 2016 Democrat - Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden

Photo of  Benjamin B. Downing

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 413F
Boston, MA, 02133
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.17  SD.626 An Act Relative to Data Mining
S.39  SD.1376 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
S.55  SD.4 An Act relating to improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.
S.89  SD.1415 An Act to strengthen community development in the commonwealth.
S.90  SD.991 An Act to sustain community preservation.
S.136  SD.697 An Act to reduce unwanted communications from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents.
S.154  SD.500 An Act relative to technical corrections to chapter 465 of the acts of 1980.
H.188  HD.3905 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
S.208  SD.1297 An Act Requiring Instruction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the use of Automatic External Defribrillators for high school graduation.
S.217  SD.1419 An Act relative to CPR and AED certification for athletic coaches.
S.244  SD.101 An Act concerning funding replacement vocational and technical public high school instructional equipment.
S.251  SD.89 An Act relative to out of state price authorization for chapter 766 students.
S.254  SD.1379 An Act Relative to Medical Emergency Response Plans for Schools.
S.269  SD.1776 An Act to amend regional school transportation funding.
S.372  SD.214 An Act providing improved management of state forests.
S.378  SD.238 An Act to promote alternative energy on farms.
S.383  SD.1347 An Act relative to improving the Massachusetts rural economy for the farm, forest, and wood products industry.
S.396  SD.296 An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth
H.416  HD.3747 An Act Relative to Chapter 71B Approved Private School Pricing Rating Formula.
H.418  HD.3750 An Act Relative to Charter Schools and Education Collaboratives.
S.549  SD.1463 An Act Relative to Health Care Affordability .
H.576  HD.421 An Act to establish election day registration.
S.606  SD.103 An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees.
S.611  SD.699 An Act Relative to Funding Public Institutions of Higher Education .
H.617  HD.2542 An Act relative to civil service positions in the City of Pittsfield.
H.637  HD.4261 An Act authorizing the City of Pittsfield to prohibit heavy commercial vehicles from Merriam Street and South Merriam Street.
H.736  HD.947 An Act safeguarding our natural resources.
H.773  HD.1122 An Act relative to certain environmental boating regulations and penalties.
S.797  SD.350 An Act relative to surgical technology.
H.847  HD.2945 An Act exempting towns from certain fees.
S.991  SD.1141 An Act relative to hazardous materials response.
H.1098  HD.2611 An Act Relative to prescription drugs.
H.1102  HD.2095 An Act relative to health care affordability.
S.1284  SD.1646 An Act relative to the selection and use of plastic carryout bags in certain stores.
H.1287  HD.3493 An Act relative to time-share ownership.
S.1293  SD.279 An Act relative to tax deductions for home heating costs.
S.1317  SD.658 An Act Relative to 529 College Savings Plans
S.1455  SD.749 An Act to provide for accountability and transparency in the finances of the commonwealth
S.1494  SD.1989 An Act Regarding Service Outage Restoration Penalties.
S.1528  SD.1602 An act relative to expanding the advanced smart metering program.
S.1559  SD.502 An Act to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime.
S.1660  SD.1668 An Act relative to the profits from crime.
H.1687  HD.1999 An Act Relative To Rape Of An Elder Or A Person With A Disability.
H.1688  HD.2000 An Act Relative to Posing or Exhibiting or Disseminating Material of an Elder or a Person with a Disability in a State of Nudity or Sexual Conduct.
S.1693  SD.1627 An Act further regulating sex offender registration.
H.1728  HD.431 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
S.1826  SD.1112 An Act relative to improving the bail review and rendition processes.
H.1858  HD.2336 An Act regulating chapter 136.
S.1861  SD.1757 An Act relative to the registry of deeds.
S.1892  SD.205 An Act relative to permits for overweight vehicles.
S.1957  SD.1833 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
H.2127  HD.852 An Act to establish the Massachusetts Health Care Trust .
S.2137  SD.2189 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
S.2183  SD.2225 An Act to combat economic crime.
H.2360  HD.2064 An Act to Preserve and Protect the Integrity of the State Pension System.
H.2484  HD.241 An Act relative to eligibility for state group health insurance.
H.2487  HD.244 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth. .
H.2702  HD.3948 An Act to promote economic development in gateway cities.
H.2711  HD.915 An Act relative to expanding the historic rehabilitation tax credit within the gateway cities.
H.2812  HD.3842 An Act relative to historic residential tax credit.
H.2893  HD.1285 An Act Relative to the Assessments of Long Term Care Facilities.
H.3025  HD.1043 An Act further regulating the development of underused state owned real property and the disposition of state owned surplus real property.
H.3081  HD.3347 An Act to Study the Safe, Reliable, and Cost-effecitve Transmission of Electric Power in the Commonwealth.
H.3267  HD.1283 An Act relative to the speed limit in cities and towns.
H.3425  HD.1163 An Act concerning adjustments to certain petroleum products.
H.3547  HD.1634
H.3550  HD.2285 An Act designating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Skating Rink in the city of North Adams as the Peter W. Foote Vietnam Veterans Memorial Skating Rink.
H.3702  HD.3348 An Act to Establish the Sherwood Forest Lake District.
H.3846  HD.3804 An Act relative to municipal emergency disaster relief payments.
H.4013  HD.4149 An Act relative to the establishment of cultural districts.
H.4091  HD.4065 An Act relative to the health insurance of retired employees of the City of Pittsfield.
H.4191  HD.4500 An Act relative to the membership of the conservation commission of the Town of Stockbridge.
H.4242  HD.4594 An Act Providing For The Appointment Of The Members Of The Dalton Redevelopment Authority.
H.4293  HD.4530 An Act to Combat Economic Crime.
H.4325  HD.4605 An Act Naming A Certain Bridge In The Town Of Dalton.
H.4487  HD.4852 An Act authorizing James M. McGarry to continue to serve as police chief in the Town of Sheffield.
H.4513  HD.4323 An Act creating a rate methodology for Critical Access Hospitals.
H.4574  HD.4913 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Judith R. Abraham, an emplyee if the Department of Developmental Services .
H.4682  HD.5022 An Act relative to the composition of the licensing board for the City of Pittsfield.
H.4709  HD.4990 An Act authorizing the town of Lee to grant retirement benefits to Stanley Daoust.
H.4730  HD.4869 An Act restricting use and connection of automatic dialing-announcing devices.
H.4851  HD.5092 An Act Authorizing the City of North Adams to Use Reserve Funds to Reduce Debt.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.