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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Bruce J. Ayers Democrat - 1st Norfolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.12  SD.1548 An Act to provide the voters of the town of Randolph a choice of charters for a new form of government.
S.60  SD.811 An Act to provide an income tax exemption for families caring for their elderly relatives at home.
S.90  SD.991 An Act to sustain community preservation.
H.142  HD.2420 An Act relative to the disclosure of information held by the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to general laws chapter 19C.
H.143  HD.2425 An Act relative to the authority of the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to Chapter 19C.
H.144  HD.2433 An Act relative to the authority of the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to chapter 19C.
H.152  HD.997 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers.
S.323  SD.852 An Act relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
H.328  HD.881 An Act Relative to Scrap Metal Dealers.
S.406  SD.671 An Act updating the animal control laws of Massachusetts.
S.421  SD.828 An Act authorizing and directing the director of the division of waterways to dredge the harbor area surrounding marina bay in the city of Quincy.
S.428  SD.706 An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund.
S.429  SD.720 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program.
S.430  SD.729 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement.
S.500  SD.744 An Act relative to medical malpractice self insurance trust funds.
H.522  HD.3814 An Act Relative to a Commission on Advertisements.
H.544  HD.3733 An Act Regarding a Senior Silver Alert .
S.655  SD.2015 An Act relative to governmentally involved housing in the city of quincy.
S.667  SD.2042 An Act Establishing a Condominium Unit Owner Bill of Rights and Responsibilities .
H.670  HD.3659 An Act Requiring Voters To Furnish Identification.
H.671  HD.3661 An Act Relative To Certain Campaign Finance Reports.
H.757  HD.3093 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
S.778  SD.1352 An Act Establishing a Massachusetts Cat and Dog Spay and Neuter Fund.
H.779  HD.434 An Act to support the infiltration/inflow financial assistance program.
H.820  HD.3682 An Act Relative To The Havey Beach Reservation In The City Of Boston.
H.822  HD.3766 An Act to Create a World Class Park System.
H.824  HD.3956 An Act To Require Recycling in Public Buildings.
S.983  SD.1099 An Act relative to the creation of the fire prevention regulations appeals board.
S.1086  SD.996 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Frank Silveira, an employee of the Department of Revenue.
S.1162  SD.609 An Act further regulating retirement laws.
S.1302  SD.585 An Act authorizing the board of assessors of the city of Quincy to grant tax abatements to certain military personnel.
H.1416  HD.2437 An Act relative to the authority of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission to seek restraining orders.
H.1462  HD.3438 An Act relative to the use of telephones in places of detention.
H.1466  HD.3465 An Act relative to the sale of dogfighting paraphernalia.
H.1467  HD.3473 An Act Relative to trusts for the care of animals.
S.1482  SD.473 An Act relative to the failure to remove existing poles.
H.1499  HD.1553 An Act to Include Animals in Abuse Prevention Orders.
H.1527  HD.3313 An Act Relative to the Registry of Deeds.
S.1595  SD.2013 An Act enhancing the criminal offender register information system.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
S.1771  SD.713 An Act prohibiting the possession by or sale of spray paint to minors.
S.1870  SD.1292 An Act relating to the treatment of elephants.
S.1942  SD.629 An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree.
H.2062  HD.1818 An Act Relative To Defibrillators.
S.2065  SD.2123 An Act relative to MBTS Billboards in the city of Quincy.
S.2091  SD.2141 An Act authorizing the City of Quincy to establish neighborhood speed reduction zones.
H.2172  HD.2673
H.2285  HD.2623 An Act establishing the Massachusetts law enforcement memorial fund.
S.2336  SD.2476 An Act banning texting while driving in the city of Quincy.
H.2753  HD.2354 An Act relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans.
H.2828  HD.445 An Act relative to the water resources funding act.
H.2829  HD.449 An Act to expand the septic tax credit.
H.3023  HD.3851 An Act Recognizing Massachusetts State Parks Day.
H.3046  HD.2856 An Act relative to the flying of the flag of the Commonwealth at half staff on state buildings and installations.
H.3125  HD.2974 An Act to expand the bottle bill.
H.3183  HD.3701 An Act establishing distinctive registration plates supporting our troops.
H.3260  HD.3017 An Act relative to vehicles leading funeral processions.
H.3439  HD.1311 An Act relative to abandoned vessels
H.3584  HD.1420 An Act directing the Department of Mental Health to study peer run respite services.
H.3585  HD.1433 An Act pertaining to people with mental illness in hospital emergency rooms.
H.3689  HD.3217 An Act authorizing municipalities to protect low and moderate income tenants and units of governmentally involved housing.
H.3766  HD.2733 An Act relative to electric poles.
H.3785  HD.2989 An Act relative to the transportation of individuals seated in wheelchairs.
H.3923  HD.4205 An Act establishing the Alzheimer's State Plan Commission.
H.4068  HD.3954 An Act establishing and regulating resort-style entertainment in the Commonwealth.
H.4570  HD.4878 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Meraly Rivera, an employee of the Department of Children and Families.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.