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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Brendan P. Crighton Democrat - Third Essex

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  SD.95 An Act empowering health care consumers
  SD.111 An Act regarding pension ratio of the funding system
  SD.177 An Act to regulate sports wagering
  SD.178 An Act authorizing the town of Marblehead to amend Chapter 37 of the Acts of 2004: Parking Violations in the Town of Marblehead
  SD.183 An Act relative to funding water infrastructure and addressing economic target areas
  SD.273 An Act relative to work and family mobility during and subsequent to the COVID-19 emergency
  SD.392 An Act relative to the training, assessment, and assignment of qualified school interpreters in educational settings
  SD.427 An Act relative to consumer protection on online automobile franchise transactions
  SD.488 An Act further regulating the sale of tobacco products
  SD.520 An Act to allow Saugus Town Meeting to adopt a process to allow non-binding resolutions
  SD.578 An Act to expand access to Naloxone
  SD.674 An Act relative to electric ratepayer protections
  SD.811 An Act to facilitate access to treatment
  HD.926 An Act exempting all positions in the police department and fire department of the town of Swampscott from the civil service law
  SD.979 An Act establishing the Metropolitan Transportation Network
  SD.1012 An Act relative to modernizing the regulation of clinical laboratories
  SD.1066 An Act promoting zero-emission vehicles
  SD.1116 An Act to ensure fairness through the economic development tax increment financing program
  SD.1118 An Act relative to defining zone 1 in the MBTA commuter rail system
  SD.1121 An Act modernizing lottery payment options
  SD.1228 An Act relative to parking
  SD.1320 An Act relative to public transit electrification
  SD.1335 An Act establishing a board of registration of peer specialists
  SD.1339 An Act relative to increasing transparency in public construction
  SD.1362 An Act relative to public safety in excavation
  SD.1364 An Act promoting consumer choice in health care
  SD.1368 An Act relative to access to justice
  SD.1380 An Act relative to public safety officers and creditable service
  SD.1392 An Act relative to consumer deductibles
  SD.1428 An Act relative to preceptorship programs for students of chiropractic
  SD.1463 An Act relative to the Community Hospital Reinvestment Trust Fund
  SD.1494 An Act relative to the disposal of sea mammals on metropolitan beaches
  SD.1502 An Act relative to tolls on the roadways of the Commonwealth
  SD.1561 An Act to develop a coordinated stroke care system
  SD.1692 An Act further regulating group insurance benefits for state employees and retired state employees
  SD.1704 An Act relative to the cost of living adjustment for state and teacher retirees
  SD.1849 An Act to reduce congestion and encourage shared rides
  SD.1859 An Act excluding student loan forgiveness from taxable income for permanently and totally disabled veterans
  SD.1890 An Act providing for access to baby-changing stations
  SD.1901 An Act further regulating business practices between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and distributors
  SD.1915 An Act Protecting the Right to Time Off for Voting
  SD.1925 An Act advancing health care research and decision-making centered on patients and people with disabilities
  SD.1949 An Act rescinding the discriminatory effect of IRC 280E on businesses legally selling marijuana
  SD.1950 An Act relative to reducing barriers to housing
  SD.1955 An Act relative to the free flow of information
  SD.1965 An Act promoting racially and culturally inclusive K-12 curriculum
  SD.1972 An Act addressing noise issues of migratory game hunters near coastal dwellings
  SD.1973 An Act establishing a special commission to study the noise effects of hunting migratory game birds in neighborhoods and communities within established coastal zones
  SD.2022 An Act relative to the Move Over Law
  SD.2150 An Act establishing a special commission to study racial segregation in housing and public schools
  SD.2162 An Act promoting racially integrated schools
  SD.2172 An Act modernizing school construction
  SD.2185 An Act relative to public higher education collective labor contracts
  SD.2220 An Act relative to special needs trusts and pensions
  SD.2223 An Act relative to ordinary disability retirements
  SD.2242 An Act relative to improving the efficiency of the state low income housing tax credit
  SD.2287 An Act establishing a special commission to study the integration of fuel cell technology in public transit fleets
  SD.2306 An Act establishing the gateway cities renewable, efficient, and electrified neighborhoods initiative
  SD.2313 An Act relative to housing production
  SD.2338 An Act relative to increasing operational safety for keyless ignition technology in motor vehicles
  SD.2345 An Act establishing a regional equity and roadway board
  SD.2346 An Act relative to the efficient management and operation of the registries of probate
  SD.2358 An Act relative to neighborhood stabilization and economic development
  SD.2395 An Act to prevent nonprofit institutions from avoiding wetlands or natural resource protections under the so-called Dover Amendment
  SD.2416 An Act relative to sales tax exemption
  SD.2432 An Act relative to access for after school and out-of-school time programs
  SD.2469 An Act leveraging additional resources for local housing authorities
  SD.2216 An Act relative to the exemption of private pension income from taxation This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.