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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Cleon H. Turner Served 2005 - 2014 Democrat - 1st Barnstable

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.847  HD.2945 An Act exempting towns from certain fees.
H.1140  HD.3991 An Act relative to elections for the Dennis Water District.
H.1146  HD.4411 An Act relative to drug and alcohol testing.
H.1154  HD.1389 An Act to authorize the Dennis Water District to construct and maintain a system for sewage collection, treatment, and discharge.
H.1156  HD.3508 An Act providing local aid enhancement for the town of Brewster.
H.1245  HD.2604 An Act relative to private subdivision fees.
H.1763  HD.867 An Act regulating marijuana possession in schools, businesses and public locations.
H.1764  HD.2270 An Act Establishing Breathalyzer Admissibility.
H.1765  HD.3161 An Act to require verified complaints in summary process actions.
H.1866  HD.2481 An Act making display of an invalid workers compensation certificate a criminal offense.
H.2013  HD.2308 An Act relative to private road maintenance .
H.2177  HD.2578 An Act amending the children’s medical security plan.
H.2630  HD.2526 An Act relative to the retirement rights of animal control officers.
H.2631  HD.3293 An Act relative to the retirement rights of police officers in human service facilities.
H.2940  HD.863 An Act providing for local aid enhancement.
H.2941  HD.1301 An Act increasing the excise tax on alcoholic beverages.
H.2942  HD.2288 An Act Rotating the Sales Tax Holiday.
H.2943  HD.2315 An Act providing for a certain income tax deduction.
H.2944  HD.2447 An Act to Increase the Medical Exemption for Taxpayers.
H.3349  HD.2332 An Act relative to motorist safety.
H.3350  HD.2335 An Act relative to motorist safety from commercial vehicles.
H.3351  HD.2418 An Act establishing a golf license plate.
H.3412  HD.2304 An Act relative to the maintenance of private roads, beaches and amenities in municipalities.
H.3489  HD.1330 An Act taxing alcoholic beverages.
H.3546  HD.2242 An Act protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors.
H.3577  HD.2253 An Act relative to affordable housing condominium fees and uses.
H.3580  HD.2204 An Act relative to municipal seasonal workers.
H.3581  HD.2231 An Act regarding unemployment payments by cities and towns
H.3590  HD.2221 An Act relative to municipal service fees .
H.3780  HD.2649 An Act requiring rent escrow.
H.3781  HD.2676 An Act regarding discovery in summary process actions.
H.3941  HD.4147 An Act relative to retirement benefits for Robert James Lytle.
H.4009  HD.4148 An Act relative to protect orders.
H.4010  HD.4196 An Act relative to civil citation.
H.4175  HD.3506 An Act amending the town of Yarmouth charter.
H.4232  HD.4546 An Act to establish licensing requirements and protections for certain cottage communities.
H.4243  HD.4591 An Act regulating elections in the Town of Yarmouth.
H.4244  HD.4592 An Act authorizing the treasurer of the town of Dennis to borrow in anticipation of reimbursement from betterments assessed.
H.4245  HD.4593 An Act establishing a Shellfish Mitigation receipts reserved for appropriation fund in the town of Dennis.
H.4279  HD.4627 An Act relative to the Brewster Board of Water Commissioners.
H.4321  HD.2755 An Act relative to the Yarmouth Marina.
H.4362  HD.4647 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Laraine Nasif, an employee of the Department of Revenue.
H.4450  HD.4802 An Act authorizing the town of Brewster to use a portion of town-owned land for renewable energy projects.
H.4495  HD.4803 An Act relative to a road maintenance revolving account in the town of Brewster.
H.4616  HD.4884 An Act designating a certain bridge as the United States Marine Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos Bridge.
H.688  HD.2844 An Act further regulating elections to provide for a voter consent 'None of the Above' option. This bill is by request. *
H.2939  HD.860 An Act amending the community preservation act. This bill is by request. *
H.3761  HD.2724 An Act relative to public documents of the commonwealth. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.