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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Dean A. Tran Republican - Worcester and Middlesex

Photo of  Dean A. Tran
Assistant Minority Whip

State House

District Office

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  SD.112 An Act relative to the official amphibian of the Commonwealth
  SD.113 An Act providing affordable access to generic medicines
  SD.114 An Act relative to the cultivation of hemp
  SD.115 An Act relative to the closing of hospital essential services
  SD.116 An Act to require equitable access to behavioral health services for MassHealth consumers
  SD.117 An Act relative to the promotion of mental health education in Massachusetts high schools
  SD.295 An Act relative to employment protections for medical marijuana patients
  SD.296 An Act relative to public safety vehicles
  SD.298 An Act providing school transportation to homeless children
  SD.300 An Act relative to transparency for mental health parity
  SD.301 An Act to improve the excellence to teaching programs
  SD.303 An Act relative to line of duty death benefits
  SD.317 An Act relative to informing opioid patients about the risks of addiction
  SD.318 An Act relative to the repayment of student loans for mental and behavioral healthcare workers
  HD.404 An Act relative to manufactured home fees
  SD.559 An Act relative to the early detection of cancer
  SD.592 An Act relative to aiding municipal events
  SD.593 An Act relative to promoting voter engagement
  SD.621 An Act relative to exemptions from taxation of structures and buildings essential to the operation of agricultural and horticultural lands
  SD.718 An Act protecting consumers from text solicitation
  SD.824 An Act relative to the ownership of pets by convicted animal abusers
  SD.826 An Act creating the police station building assistance program
  SD.827 An Act creating the fire station building assistance program
  SD.924 An Act relative to economic development and generating revenue
  SD.933 An Act relative to municipal lighting authorities
  SD.1289 An Act relative to the impersonation of a public safety officer
  SD.1291 An Act relative to access to higher education for veterans
  SD.1380 An Act commissioning a study of ways to aid the Chapter 90 program
  SD.1698 An Act relative to the protection of the environment and waste water treatment systems
  SD.1725 An Act recognizing the South Vietnam heritage flag to be the official flag of the Vietnamese-American community of Massachusetts
  SD.1889 An Act relative to the preservation of agricultural lands
  SD.1923 An Act relative to increasing disability ratings for veterans
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.