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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Daniel Cahill Democrat - 10th Essex

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.390 An Act relative to municipal deposits
  HD.394 An Act relative to municipal millennials
  HD.432 An Act relative to improving treatment and continuity of care for patients living with HIV
  HD.533 An Act relative to documentary material or data received by retirement boards
  HD.539 An Act relative to a motorcycle safety fund
  HD.665 An Act preserving the competitiveness of group auto and homeowners insurance plans
  HD.722 An Act relative to the regulation of the business of domestic and foreign money transmission by the Division of Banks
  HD.725 An Act relative to mortgage review boards and a small business loan review board within the Division of Banks
  HD.1101 An Act establishing an online lottery
  HD.1103 An Act modernizing Lottery payment options
  HD.1110 An Act authorizing safe and secure grow facilities
  HD.1140 An Act relative to consumer deductibles
  HD.1141 An Act relative to the timely and consistent payment of law enforcement personnel
  HD.1145 An Act relative to renewable power
  HD.1146 An Act ensuring equitable MSBA incentives
  HD.1151 An Act to incentivize high-value care
  HD.1157 An Act regarding transparency for individuals and guardians
  HD.1175 An Act making substantive changes to the revised banking laws
  HD.1208 An Act to define the jurisdiction of the local housing authority for implementation of rental assistance programs
  HD.1242 An Act relative to consumer choice
  HD.1244 An Act relating to modernizing business to business commercial insurance transactions
  HD.2705 An Act relative to criminal harassment against a sports official
  HD.2729 An Act creating a special commission to study the participation of minority business enterprises and women business enterprises in public construction projects
  HD.2734 An Act amending the banking laws and related statutes
  HD.2741 An Act relative to accessibility at gas station
  HD.2750 An Act relative to electronic license plates
  HD.3085 An Act relative to municipal police officer disability benefits
  HD.3088 An Act relative to private construction contracts
  HD.3090 An Act relative to school counselors
  HD.3102 An Act relative to energy production through waste reduction
  HD.3123 An Act relative to zoning voting thresholds
  HD.3140 An Act supporting Massachusetts Guard and Reserve and their families
  HD.3243 An Act relative to constables
  HD.3823 An Act relative to defining certain disabilities
  HD.714 An Act relative to the presence of chaperones This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.