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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Eric P. Lesser Democrat - First Hampden and Hampshire

Photo of  Eric P. Lesser

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 410
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1291

District Office

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  SD.172 An Act providing financial relief to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
  SD.300 An Act streamlining COVID-19 vaccination sign-up in Massachusetts
  SD.813 An Act providing permanency to the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority's College Savings Tax Deduction program
  SD.814 An Act providing fair and equitable line of duty death benefits for public employees
  SD.815 An Act relative to regional transportation ballot initiatives
  HD.924 An Act relative to uniform partition of heirs property
  HD.925 An Act to protect innovation and entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth
  SD.1025 An Act concerning public assistance for working families and the creation of a pilot program to address the impacts of the cliff effect
  SD.1026 An Act relative to community college tuition
  SD.1069 An Act relative to healthcare worker and first responder safety
  SD.1070 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Victoria Kibbie, an employee of the Department of Development Services
  SD.1073 An Act relative to prescription opioid abuse prevention education
  SD.1074 An Act designating May 6 as Moyamoya Disease Awareness Day
  SD.1075 An Act to foster artist businesses in cultural districts
  SD.1076 An Act relative to firefighter training
  SD.1077 An Act expanding the community college training incentive program
  SD.1078 An Act establishing the MassMade Program
  SD.1079 An Act to define clinical social work practice
  SD.1135 An Act relative to applied behavioral analysis therapy
  HD.1285 An Act revoking the town of Longmeadow’s acceptance of a certain general law establishing a board of election commissioners
  SD.1292 An Act relative to the endowment match program
  SD.1293 An Act to establish a commission to study the distribution of unrestricted local aid
  SD.1294 An Act establishing a tax credit for employment of national guard members
  SD.1295 An Act requiring institutions of higher education to provide uniform financial aid information to accepted applicants
  SD.1296 An Act promoting access to higher education beginning at birth
  SD.1297 An Act authorizing voluntary contributions to the Massachusetts Fire Fighters Academy Trust Fund
  SD.1298 An Act establishing a tax deduction for donations to public colleges and universities
  SD.1303 An Act to expand the capacity of career technical schools
  SD.1525 An Act relative to emergency insulin access
  SD.1597 An Act establishing a commission on electronic notarization
  SD.1598 An Act to establish a commission to study substance use disorder and treatment disparities in the minority community
  SD.1599 An Act to ensure the efficacy of corporate tax expenditures
  SD.1600 An Act to aid military service members in finding civilian employment
  SD.1601 An Act to improve the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical drugs of public health concern
  SD.1602 An Act to improve access to family physicians
  SD.1603 An Act to ensure driver privacy with electronic tolling
  SD.1604 An Act establishing farm to school grants to promote healthy eating and strengthen the agricultural economy
  SD.1605 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
  SD.1606 An Act relative to interstate branching of a credit union
  SD.1608 An Act to establish the Massachusetts Open Data Standard
  SD.1609 An Act establishing an independent workers portability of benefits innovation fund
  SD.1610 An Act relative to the practice of acupuncture
  SD.1611 An Act relative to home energy efficiency
  SD.1612 An Act to expand dual enrollment for high school students in Gateway Cities
  SD.1629 An Act to protect innovation and entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth
  SD.1630 An Act relative to creating a loan repayment program for human service workers
  SD.1632 An Act expanding high school student access to earn industry recognized credentials
  SD.1640 An Act relative to the use of credit reporting in housing
  SD.1953 An Act giving all regions of the Commonwealth a seat at the table
  SD.1968 An Act to bring down the cost of prescription drugs
  SD.1969 An Act to ensure access to epinephrine for minors
  SD.1970 An Act extending the historic rehabilitation tax credit program
  SD.1977 An Act to establish a lifelong learning and training program
  SD.2027 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Coronavirus Recovery Corps
  SD.2028 An Act establishing the Commission of Inquiry on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ response to and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis
  SD.2190 An Act to provide startup capital for minority entrepreneurs
  SD.2221 An Act to establish fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service between Pittsfield and Boston via Springfield
  SD.2357 An Act to promote a fair and informative RMV
  SD.2365 An Act to establish sports wagering in the Commonwealth
  HD.2373 An Act relative to the practice of acupuncture
  SD.2381 An Act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe
  SD.2387 An Act to promote inclusive entrepreneurship and economic justice
  HD.2633 An Act relative to healthcare worker and first responder safety
  HD.2958 An Act relative to taking or transmitting images of crime victims by first responders
  SD.1094 An Act relative to motor vehicle leasing parity This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.