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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Geraldo Alicea Served 2009 - 2012 Democrat - 6th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.213  HD.3818 An Act to Prohibit Predatory Lending Practices by Auto Dealers.
H.551  HD.3937 An Act relative to the street list.
H.608  HD.4123 An Act establishing the position of municipal hearing officer in the town of Southbridge.
H.1131  HD.4339 An Act authorizing the town of Southbridge to establish certain special funds.
H.1246  HD.3713 An Act for public protection of our youth.
H.1247  HD.3816 An Act Relative to Assistant Clerks of the District Court.
H.1248  HD.3939 An Act protecting those individuals with mental disabilities.
H.2188  HD.3823 An Act to Prohibit Novelty Lighters.
H.2955  HD.2175 An Act relative to placing the Department of Youth Services under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety.
H.3861  HD.4121 An Act relative to prohibit predatory lending practices by auto dealers.
H.3924  HD.4122 An Act to prohibit of novelty lighters in the commonwealth.
H.3987  HD.4120 An Act relative to assistant clerks of the district court.
H.4015  HD.4040 An Act prohibiting junior operators use of cell phones or text messaging devices while driving.
H.4116  HD.3825 An Act Establishing the Position of Municipal Hearing Officer in the Town of Southbridge.
H.4326  HD.4641 An Act Relative to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
H.4327  HD.4643 An Act Relative to a Public Hearing in the Town of Southbridge.
H.4695  HD.5023 An Act authorizing the town of Southbridge to match debt repayment for school projects to the retirement of other outstanding debt.
H.5036  HD.5182 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Brian J. Dupuis, an employee of The Department of Children and Families/Department of Social Services.
H.5109  HD.5345 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sheila Santelli, an employee of The Department of Housing and Community Development.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.