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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator John F. Keenan Democrat - Norfolk and Plymouth

Photo of  John F. Keenan

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 413-F
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1494
Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  SD.210 An Act protecting animal welfare in cities and towns
  SD.242 An Act relative to dual diagnosis treatment coverage
  SD.244 An Act relative to surplus in retirement systems
  SD.245 An Act relative to the membership of the PRIM board
  SD.246 An Act promoting continuity of care for multiple sclerosis treatment
  SD.247 An Act relative to the determination of need of new technology
  SD.253 An Act relative to Massachusetts time zones
  SD.255 An Act relative to removing barriers to non-opioid pain management
  SD.287 An Act regulating surgical assistants
  SD.493 An Act to increase transparency in the Massachusetts land record systems to protect the property rights of homeowners and businesses
  SD.511 An Act relative to notification of front-line health care workers to exposure of Coronavirus
  SD.517 An Act relative to private detectives and private investigators
  SD.518 An Act relative to Group 2
  SD.524 An Act establishing a commission to examine methamphetamine use in the Commonwealth
  SD.525 An Act establishing a commission to encourage acceptance of insurance by outpatient mental health providers
  SD.556 An Act relative to residency
  SD.557 An Act relative to municipal light plants
  SD.571 An Act to improve access to behavioral health services
  SD.576 An Act providing access to patient protection services for MassHealth consumers
  SD.577 An Act to require equitable access to behavioral health services for MassHealth consumers
  SD.615 An Act relative to the prescription monitoring program
  SD.617 An Act to prevent inappropriate denials by insurers for medically necessary services
  SD.644 An Act relative to transparency in employee benefits reporting in private construction
  SD.662 An Act further defining gas fitting under the regulation of plumbing
  SD.689 An Act relative to recovery coach licensure
  SD.702 An Act providing access to full spectrum addiction treatment services
  SD.708 An Act relative to the care and treatment of patients with mitochondrial disease
  SD.711 An Act relative to cimex lectularius
  SD.743 An Act to create a facilities loan program for private special education schools
  SD.789 An Act promoting workforce development and provider retention at community health centers
  SD.790 An Act allowing increased data access in opiate overdose reports
  SD.791 An Act strengthening prescription drug safety and drug stewardship
  SD.805 An Act increasing the annuity for gold star families
  SD.809 An Act ensuring equal access to medical treatments essential for people with a developmental disability, intellectual disability, or autism
  SD.810 An Act allowing for payment in lieu of a disability allowance
  SD.812 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Sentencing Commission
  SD.959 An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct a highway noise study in Quincy
  SD.962 An Act relative to eligibility for disability services
  SD.966 An Act relative to hospital closures and health planning
  SD.990 An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree
  SD.997 An Act relative to MBTA billboards in the city of Quincy
  SD.999 An Act relative to the utilization of public health benefits by large employers
  SD.1001 An Act relative to wifi and cellular infrastructure along rail lines
  SD.1013 An Act relative to accountable care
  SD.1024 An Act to remove administrative barriers to behavioral health services
  SD.1052 An Act relative to examinations for applicants to the trial court
  SD.1063 An Act relative to applied behavioral health clinic rates
  SD.1107 An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities
  SD.1259 An Act establishing a behavioral health workforce center
  SD.1340 An Act relative to commuter transit benefits
  SD.1548 An Act expanding access to commuter transit benefits offered by employers
  SD.1621 An Act regarding consistent care for addiction rooted in evidence
  SD.1716 An Act to ensure more affordable care
  SD.1718 An Act to ensure transparency for high-cost hospitals
  SD.1724 An Act to protect children's mental health services
  HD.2496 An Act relative to the small necessities leave act
  SD.209 An Act relative to town committee elections and membership This bill is by request. *
  SD.1010 An Act relative to lot rent abatement for veterans This bill is by request. *
  SD.1071 An Act relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.