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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Jennifer M. Callahan Served 2003 - 2010 - 18th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.230  HD.927 An Act relative to electronic identity theft.
H.331  HD.922 An Act relative to limited liability companies.
H.332  HD.1007 An Act providing for the control of spyware.
H.365  HD.1029 An Act relative to allied health instructors at vocational schools.
H.366  HD.1475 An Act establishing local school health advisory councils.
H.563  HD.1728 An Act relative to campaign contributions by lobbyists.
H.879  HD.941 An Act providing insurance coverage for base line echogram testing for certain persons.
H.880  HD.944 An Act relative to motor vehicle insurance.
H.1109  HD.953 An Act relative to Massachusetts state colleges.
H.1303  HD.932 An Act to prevent animal cruelty.
H.1304  HD.939 An Act relative to overweight vehicles.
H.1305  HD.945 An Act relative to certain historic sites.
H.1306  HD.977 An Act relative to malpractice complaints for injuries sustained by minors.
H.1307  HD.983 An Act relative to the medical treatment of certain prisoners.
H.1308  HD.1529 An Act relative to certain arrests for misdemeanors.
H.1309  HD.1629 An Act relative to damages for the malicous injury to pets.
H.1915  HD.4472 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Bruce Bagdasarian an employee of the Westborough State Hospital.
H.1967  HD.1019 An Act establishing a special commission to study the creation of a Massachusetts canine rehabilitation center. .
H.1968  HD.1508 An Act relative to the destruction of dangerous dogs.
H.2026  HD.913 An Act relating to safe patient handling in certain health facilities.
H.2027  HD.990 An Act relative to gentamycin pediatric risk notification.
H.2028  HD.1015 An Act relative to parental notification of medical malpractice or error sustained by minors.
H.2029  HD.1210 An Act relative to emergency medical care.
H.2204  HD.958 An Act relative to fees for the renewal of firearm identification cards by certain elderly persons.
H.2333  HD.1009 An Act relative to retirement classification of fire chemist.
H.2334  HD.1024 An Act relative to persons retired for an institution of higher education.
H.2703  HD.948 An Act relative to motor vehicle excise.
H.2704  HD.1176 An Act relative to real property taxes.
H.2705  HD.1207 An Act relative to motor vehicle excise for senior citizens.
H.2706  HD.1387 An Act relative to the distribution of farm produce to needy persons.
H.2707  HD.1539 An Act creating the great schools tax credit program.
H.2708  HD.1677 An Act relative to scholarship program in the commonwealth.
H.2949  HD.1706 An Act relative to legislative ethics training.
H.2950  HD.1740 An Act relative to legislative conduct.
H.3180  HD.936 An Act related to learner's permits.
H.3181  HD.993 An Act relative to damages from defective public ways.
H.3182  HD.1806 An Act relative to naming "The Road to Boston" in memory of Benny Emerick.
H.3495  HD.1319 An Act relative to legislative ethics.
H.3496  HD.1324 An Act relative to government transparency and the application of open meeting law to the legislature.
H.3497  HD.1754 An Act relative to budgetary transparancy.
H.3591  HD.1577 An Act relative to a nurse deputy commissioner at the department of public health.
H.3592  HD.1608 An Act relative to tick borne illnesses.
H.3881  HD.4107 An Act relative to toxic fire retardant prevention.
H.3888  HD.4071 An Act further regulating credit card fees.
H.3889  HD.4214 An Act preventing discrimination in infertility coverage.
H.3890  HD.4216 An Act relative to the prevention of foreclosed property blight.
H.3891  HD.4220 An Act relative to foreclosed property upkeep.
H.3892  HD.4238 An Act relative to credit card companies.
H.3899  HD.4191 An Act relative to state grants for public higher education.
H.3900  HD.4213 An Act relative to nursing schools.
H.3905  HD.4221 An Act relative to lifelong earning accounts.
H.3910  HD.4108 An Act relative to hospital-acquired septic infections.
H.3911  HD.4233 An Act relative to pregnancy termination.
H.3925  HD.4215 An Act establishing technical assistance grants to certified emergency response teams.
H.3931  HD.4075 An Act relative to phased retirement of nursing faculty in public higher education.
H.3943  HD.4070 An Act providing for a tax on sale of non-food animals.
H.3944  HD.4084 An Act relative to tax credits and assistance for stormwater management mitigation projects.
H.3945  HD.4182 An Act relative to tax audits for Meals on Wheels volunteers.
H.3946  HD.4183 An Act relative to voluntary tax contribution got meals on wheels.
H.3970  HD.4081 An Act relative to transparency of state contracts and expenditures.
H.3971  HD.4212 An Act creating a lean enterprise department in the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.
H.3972  HD.4240 providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to quasi public agencies
H.4018  HD.4175 An Act relative to junior operators.
H.4426  HD.1438 An Act to designate Vaillancourt Folk Art as the official Christmas collectible maker of the Commonwealth.
H.5113  HD.5282 An Act Authorizing the Town of Bellingham to Grant an Additional Restaurant All Alcohol License.
H.5115  HD.4417 An Act validating a certain election in the town of Millville.
H.3578  HD.1473 An Act relative to workplace harrasment. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.