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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Jennifer M. Callahan Served 2003 - 2010 - 18th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.17  SD.626 An Act Relative to Data Mining
S.19  SD.1216 An Act Protecting the Confidentiality of Patient Prescription Records.
S.22  SD.1172 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution establishing an independent redistricting commission
S.36  SD.1688 An Act to bring child support home.
S.37  SD.607 An Act Relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.38  SD.1635 An Act Removing Barriers to Financial Stability and Asset Development for Low to Moderate Income Families
S.40  SD.1392 An Act Concerning Foster Youth Who Remain in the Care of the Department of Children and Families after They Attain Eighteen Years of Age.
S.47  SD.1520 An Act relative to the licensure of applied behavior analysts.
S.58  SD.515 An Act relating to anti-human trafficking and protection.
S.84  SD.1568 An Act relative to reckless endangerment of persons with disabilities.
S.91  SD.939 An Act Relative to Gasoline Dealers.
H.109  HD.1224 An Act prohibiting the use of health data for marketing purposes.
S.118  SD.1361 An Act to maintain public water systems.
S.131  SD.288 An Act Increasing Access to More Affordable Legal Service Plans
S.132  SD.947 An Act to protect victims of unlicensed debt collection activity.
S.136  SD.697 An Act to reduce unwanted communications from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents.
H.138  HD.3803 An Act relative to nursing facility reporting.
H.150  HD.703 An Act relative to sufficient services within the department of mental retardation.
H.152  HD.997 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers.
S.152  SD.1238 An Act authorizing the town of Bellingham to grant additional licenses for the sale of alcohol.
H.156  HD.1155 An Act establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger Syndrome and Autism.
H.170  HD.1994 An Act to Support the Availability of Residential Care Facilities as an Affordable Option for Elders and Persons with Disabilities.
H.213  HD.3818 An Act to Prohibit Predatory Lending Practices by Auto Dealers.
S.223  SD.904 An Act to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities.
H.224  HD.1446 An Act to protect psychotherapy patients.
S.226  SD.291 An Act To Encourage Affordable Housing in Cities and Towns
S.228  SD.1470 An Act relative to bullying.
H.231  HD.3406 An Act to reduce unwanted communication from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents.
S.231  SD.1630 An Act Ensuring Adequate Nursing Services at Public Schools.
H.234  HD.1759 An Act relative to towing storage.
S.237  SD.489 An Act Relative to Data Collection for Charter Schools.
H.237  HD.1668 An Act relative to the sale of liquor licenses.
H.239  HD.1054 An Act Relative to Consumer Gift Cards.
S.240  SD.1378 An Act relative to charter school enrollment.
H.244  HD.2912 An Act relative to requiring photo identification for credit card purchases.
H.256  HD.251 An Act relative to the price of water sold at entertainment venues.
H.257  HD.3260 An Act Relative to Exempting Home Appliance Service and Repair Technicians from Certain Provisions of the Massachusetts Plumbing Code.
S.259  SD.1258 An Act Providing Chapter 70 Accountability for Adequate Access to School Nursing.
S.260  SD.1639 An Act to Promote Healthy School Meals.
H.266  HD.989 An Act regulating psychotherapy.
H.267  HD.728 An Act relative to rebate reform and consumer protection.
H.268  HD.2261 An Act to Maintain Public Water Systems.
H.305  HD.3914 An Act relative to storage of towed vehicles.
S.306  SD.348 An Act creating a special commission on institutional long term care services
S.307  SD.353 An Act relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program.
S.308  SD.354 An Act to correct income calculation for spouses of nursing home residents
H.311  HD.1511 An Act increasing the experience and background necessary to operate low pressure processed steam boilers.
S.316  SD.1510 An Act to Protect Against Unfair Prescription Drug Practices.
S.318  SD.1187 An Act to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults
H.321  HD.1179 An Act Relative to Consumer Rebates.
H.328  HD.881 An Act Relative to Scrap Metal Dealers.
H.333  HD.1819 An Act related to economic development and fiscal accountability.
H.336  HD.644 An Act establishing a Massachusetts work-family council.
H.344  HD.653 An Act prohibiting devocalization of dogs and cats.
H.346  HD.935 An Act to Amend the Special Education Reimbursement Program.
S.347  SD.2008 An Act to Restore Public Confidence in Government by Eliminating "Pay-to-Play" Opportunities .
H.353  HD.1788 An Act relative to the employment of public school teachers.
H.364  HD.2583 An Act to prevent bullying.
H.368  HD.2087 An Act to reform punitive suspension from the public schools of the Commonwealth.
S.369  SD.194 An Act establishing the Quaboag and Ware River Valley Heritage District Commission.
S.372  SD.214 An Act providing improved management of state forests.
S.374  SD.225 An Act relative to the forest products trust fund.
S.375  SD.234 An Act protecting the viability of farms in the Commonwealth.
S.378  SD.238 An Act to promote alternative energy on farms.
S.379  SD.241 An Act amending the equine laws.
S.391  SD.1001 An Act establishing a 0% interest program for the state revolving loan fund for water and sewer projects and establishing 3:1 leveraging for such projects.
S.394  SD.290 An Act Requiring the Notification of Tenants about Oil and Hazardous Waste Material Release
S.395  SD.293 An Act Relative to the responsible reduction in the use of plastic bags
S.396  SD.296 An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth
S.397  SD.298 An Act establishing a wildlife management commission
S.398  SD.805 An Act to Provide Public Input into changes to Public Lands and Buildings located thereon.
H.398  HD.2118 An Act to require engine coolant and antifreeze to contain a bittering agent so as to render it unpalatable.
S.400  SD.1294 An Act to expand the sale of products by farmer-wineries, farmer-breweries, and farmer-distilleries.
S.401  SD.1609 An Act to establish a water infrastructure finance commission.
S.406  SD.671 An Act updating the animal control laws of Massachusetts.
H.410  HD.1823 An Act requiring instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automatic external defibrillators for high school graduation.
H.411  HD.3740 An Act establishing a grant program for the purpose of expanding learning time and improving student success.
H.412  HD.3741 An Act to Improve Educational Services in Small School Districts.
H.413  HD.3742 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to child suicide.
H.414  HD.3745 A Resolve establishing a commission to examine school district capacity and efficient delivery of educational services.
H.417  HD.3749 An Act Establishing a Charter School Working Group.
H.425  HD.2977 An Act relative to educator excellence.
H.445  HD.309 An Act further providing for reimbursement to cities and towns for extraordinary special education costs.
H.448  HD.1783 An Act to promote healthy school meals.
S.449  SD.478 An Act mandating coverage for ectodermal dysplasia and other congenital disorders.
H.453  HD.1551 An Act relative to the teaching of teen dating violence in public schools.
H.456  HD.3165
H.459  HD.1023 An Act relating to the special education circuit breaker to incentivize the provision of in district education.
H.460  HD.1049 An Act to provide greater financial cost share of special education to sending districts under the special education circuit breaker.
H.467  HD.3316 An Act guaranteeing a high school diploma to some children accepted into post secondary educational programs.
H.468  HD.3319 An Act relating to high school graduation requirements for students with learning disabilities.
S.469  SD.1598 An Act relative to providing health insurance coverage for cochlear implants in children.
H.470  HD.3355 An Act Establishing a School Counseling Leadership Pilot Project to Accelerate College and Career Readiness in Massachusetts Public Schools.
H.478  HD.2933 An Act establishing a personal finance curriculum.
H.480  HD.2705 An Act relative to third party payments.
H.481  HD.3317 An Act relative to special education.
H.487  HD.2295 An Act to provide equal opportunities for special education.
H.496  HD.2159 An Act establishing a bill of rights for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
S.523  SD.421 An Act providing health insurance coverage for scalp hair prosthesis.
H.525  HD.678 An Act prohibiting bids from certain contractors to the Massachusetts School Building Authority.
H.526  HD.679 An Act relative to creating a community service graduation requirement. .
S.527  SD.98 An Act further regulating postpartum care.
H.530  HD.2577 An Act relative to early education and care.
H.536  HD.1720 An Act relative to assist families care for elders.
S.540  SD.919 An Act Regarding the Countable Assets of Medical Assistance Recipients.
H.541  HD.3790 An Act authorizing the licensing of firearms for persons 70 years of age or older .
S.544  SD.393 An Act eliminating age discrimination in the MassHealth program.
H.544  HD.3733 An Act Regarding a Senior Silver Alert .
S.549  SD.1463 An Act Relative to Health Care Affordability .
H.557  HD.1796 An Act prohibiting certain election practices.
S.561  SD.1217 An Act to Establish an Adverse Event Disclosure and Compensation Grant Program for Hospitals.
S.563  SD.1226 An Act to Provide Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Under Commonwealth Care
H.564  HD.3223 An Act establishing a task force on election day registration.
S.567  SD.1257 An Act Relative to the Hemophilia Advisory Committee
H.572  HD.3359 An Act relative to prohibiting the collection of signatures for initiative or referendum petitions for compensation. .
H.574  HD.1842 An Act to remove restrictions on absentee voting.
S.596  SD.256 An Act providing tuition to children of state employees killed on duty.
S.598  SD.341 An Act relative to certain mergers and acquisitions.
H.605  HD.4249 An Act protecting school children from environmental toxins.
S.605  SD.851 An Act relative to the rights of faculty members at the university of Massachusetts .
S.616  SD.426 An Act establishing an education loan repayment program for social workers and direct care human service workers.
H.618  HD.1126 An Act establishing a tax credit for hiring individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
S.620  SD.1724 An Act relative to the counting of certain residences as affordable housing
S.627  SD.1497 An Act relative to housing rights for victims of domestic violence.
S.631  SD.292 An Act to increase recycling by landlords and tenants.
S.632  SD.301 An Act Relative to the long term affordability of 40B housing.
S.633  SD.876 An Act Relative to authorizing cities and towns to impose mitigation fees on certain housing developments.
S.634  SD.924 An Act Relative to Community Preservation Act Expenditures to Provide Housing for Low and Moderate Income Community Residents.
H.649  HD.410 An Act to ensure secure voting equipment.
H.650  HD.2284 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to a vacancy in the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor
S.651  SD.1202 An Act Ensuring Affordable Housing in Perpetuity
S.673  SD.1619 An Act to establish employment leave and safety remedies to victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault.
S.687  SD.608 An Act restoring fairness in the unemployment insurance law for workers in temporary jobs.
S.689  SD.687 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.695  SD.23 An Act relative to workers compensation for veterans.
H.705  HD.3879 An Act creating the non-indigenous species management plan.
H.715  HD.1791 An Act to promote small plot farming in the Commonwealth.
H.719  HD.1088 An Act Relative to Plastic Bag Reduction.
H.738  HD.1219 An Act to further regulate cutting practices.
S.739  SD.1977 An Act Relative to Affordable Housing Community Planning.
H.741  HD.2006 An Act establishing a snow vehicle land stamp program.
H.755  HD.364 An Act to prevent the use of the most dangerous pesticides.
H.756  HD.365 An Act to reduce solid waste in the Commonwealth.
H.757  HD.3093 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
S.767  SD.1943 An Act to allow impact fees.
H.767  HD.2442 An Act to require producer responsibility for collection and recycling of discarded electronic products.
H.769  HD.2798 An Act to increase recycling.
S.779  SD.1232 An Act to Promote Municipal Efficiency and Innovation Through Regional Collaboration.
S.780  SD.1252 An Act Authorizing the Aquarion Water Company to Establish a Water Distribution and Water Supply System in a Portion of the Town of Sutton.
H.796  HD.245 An Act relative to the conservation of Atlantic striped bass.
H.798  HD.2223 An Act relative to decreasing environmental hazards, toxins, and litter
S.801  SD.347 An Act relative to infectious disease control
S.803  SD.1453 An Act providing for safe patient handling.
H.804  HD.350 An Act establishing a snowmobile educational safety program. _______________
H.810  HD.3268 An Act to further prevent oil spills in Buzzards Bay.
S.810  SD.1563 An Act to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
S.812  SD.1592 An Act to ensure the availability of medications in time of an emergency.
H.813  HD.3096 An Act regulating timber harvesting.
H.815  HD.1997 An Act prohibiting the cruel confinement of certain farm animals.
S.819  SD.834 An Act Relative to Accessible Medical Equipment.
H.822  HD.3766 An Act to Create a World Class Park System.
H.824  HD.3956 An Act To Require Recycling in Public Buildings.
S.828  SD.1926 An Act to promote urinary incontinence health management.
H.842  HD.3886 An Act relative to the labeling of seed.
S.842  SD.1356 An Act requiring automated external defibrillators in schools
S.845  SD.1178 An Act Relative to Safe Work Hours for Physicians in Training and Protection of Patients
H.847  HD.2945 An Act exempting towns from certain fees.
S.847  SD.1180 An Act Relative to a Board of Midwifery
S.856  SD.1195 An Act Requiring Hospitals to Notify Patients of Physician Discipline
S.861  SD.1222 An Act Promoting Healthy Alternatives in Public School Food Programs.
S.869  SD.1249 An Act Requiring the Public Reporting of Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions.
S.873  SD.1267 An Act Strengthening Health Reform.
S.878  SD.1950 An Act to Improve the Delivery of Health Care.
H.881  HD.928 An Act eliminating the need for medical reauthorization for coverage of nonprescription enteral formula.
H.890  HD.1070 An Act to Provide Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Under Commonwealth Care.
H.898  HD.2951 An Act relative to diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. .
H.900  HD.3683 An Act Relative To Home Owners Insurance.
H.912  HD.1052 An Act relative to a stay of surcharge pending appeal hearing.
H.913  HD.1063 An Act concerning the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines pertaining to dogs harbored upon the insured property.
S.914  SD.181 An Act further regulating above ground tanks used for the storage of certain fluids.
H.914  HD.1222 An Act relative to the notification of an insured.
H.915  HD.3709 An Act relative to coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders.
S.918  SD.212 An Act relative to missing persons.
S.919  SD.216 An Act reducing firearm license application fees.
S.920  SD.217 An Act further regulating the issuance of firearm identification cards and licenses to carry firearms.
H.921  HD.260 An Act relative to providing certain benefits for cancer patients.
S.922  SD.231 An Act to include call/volunteer firefighters on the Massachusetts fire training council.
S.923  SD.232 An Act to include call/volunteer firefighters on the fire service commission.
H.923  HD.3748 An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
S.929  SD.1678 An Act relative to remove pepper spray from firearms identification
S.930  SD.1566 An Act to prohibit price gouging during states of emergency.
H.930  HD.3426 An Act relative to the health insurance of children of divorced parents.
H.931  HD.3429 An Act relative to mastectomies.
H.932  HD.3447 An Act Relative to the treatment of cleft palate and cleft lip.
H.936  HD.1699 An Act providing for certain standards in health care insurance coverage.
S.939  SD.1990 An Act Relative to Classification of Prisoners.
H.941  HD.1797 An Act to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services.
H.942  HD.2482 An Act relative to homeowner insurance.
H.951  HD.2692 An Act curtailing smoking addiction.
S.962  SD.1201 An Act to Promote Business Continuity and Recovery After a Disaster
H.997  HD.2316 An Act relative to long term care insurance rate filings.
S.1014  SD.229 An Act to authorize group insurance for volunteer firefighters.
S.1015  SD.230 An Act relative to death benefits to surviving spouses of firefighters and to other emergency personnel.
S.1016  SD.233 An Act to include fire districts in the massachusetts retirement system.
H.1019  HD.3593 An Act relative to the disclosure of federal troubled asset relief program funds by banks.
S.1020  SD.1672 An Act relative to pensions.
H.1028  HD.1528 An Act to improve asthma management .
S.1030  SD.338 An Act prohibiting state employees from receiving multiple salaries
H.1031  HD.3944 An Act Relative to providing insurance coverage for magnetic resonance imaging for certain persons.
H.1033  HD.2123 An Act providing for care and treatment of patients with mitochondrial disease.
H.1034  HD.2356 An Act relative to insurance coverage for craniofacial disorders.
H.1036  HD.435 An Act relative to health insurance coverage for fertility treatments.
H.1052  HD.2983 An Act relative to group health insurance for dependent children of deceased members.
H.1053  HD.3940 An Act Relative to Allow Appeals From Application of Merit Rating Plans.
H.1054  HD.2004 An Act relative to red light cameras.
H.1069  HD.856 An Act relative to nursing facility and long term care claims.
S.1085  SD.1433 An Act relative to increasing the cost of living adjustment (cola) base.
H.1087  HD.1077 An Act to ensure equitable health coverage for all children.
S.1095  SD.144 An Act relative to credible service for school nurses.
H.1101  HD.2073 An Act to include dental benefits in all commonwealth care plans.
H.1102  HD.2095 An Act relative to health care affordability.
S.1143  SD.1204 An Act Relative to Eligibility for State Group Health Insurance
S.1145  SD.1231 An Act Expanding Benefits Available to Municipalities with Membership in the Group Insurance Commission.
S.1147  SD.1250 An Act relative to creditable service for Paul A. Bouvier.
S.1148  SD.1251 An Act Relative to Creditable Service for William A. Martin.
H.1148  HD.4351 An Act relative to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.
H.1151  HD.4403 An Act Providing For An Automated Toll Collection Review.
H.1208  HD.228 An Act to Promote Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing
H.1214  HD.261
H.1220  HD.1687 An Act relative to energy efficiency in affordable housing.
H.1221  HD.1690 An Act establishing an apprentice training program for the rehabilitation of foreclosed properties.
S.1229  SD.210 An Act establishing a property tax exemption for members of the National Guard.
H.1232  HD.1191 An Act to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions.
S.1245  SD.1655 An Act improving the earned income tax credit for working families.
S.1250  SD.1731 An Act relative to refundable tax credits.
S.1251  SD.1837 An Act relative to senior citizen property taxes.
S.1267  SD.900 An Act to Encourage Lawyers to practice public Interest law.
S.1270  SD.1595 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund.
H.1276  HD.1458 An Act relative to confinement conditions and treatment of prisoners with mental illness.
S.1278  SD.1169 An Act to increase the property tax deferral for seniors.
H.1284  HD.3614 An Act relative to the theft of motor vehicle fuel.
H.1310  HD.1006 An Act imposing a transfer fee on mortgage foreclosures.
H.1311  HD.911 An Act regarding breaking and entering of a firearm retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer.
H.1314  HD.2170 An Act relative to high speed chases.
H.1322  HD.2040 An Act relative to the collection of DNA.
H.1344  HD.1778 An Act to improve criminal laws relative to organized retail theft.
H.1345  HD.901 An Act Relative to Falsely Assuming to be a Public Official.
H.1346  HD.3469 An Act to Establish a Claimant’s Trust Act.
H.1369  HD.2780 An Act increasing criminal sanctions for drug distribution near youth centers.
S.1399  SD.207 An Act to further enforce the open meeting law.
H.1402  HD.1035 An Act relative to eminent domain.
H.1403  HD.1137 An Act relative to homesteads.
S.1403  SD.1665 An Act prohibiting persons convicted of a felony from registering as a Legislative or Executive Agent
H.1404  HD.1143 An Act relative to the operation of a snow vehicle or recreational vehicle under the influence of alcoholic or narcotic substances.
H.1405  HD.1229 An Act relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death.
H.1406  HD.1274 An Act relative to advertising by a justice of the peace.
S.1410  SD.1924 An Act relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures.
S.1415  SD.1588 An Act Relative to Lobbyist Reform.
H.1420  HD.2707 An Act relative to the garnishment of wages for child support and alimony.
H.1421  HD.2736 An Act further regulating school department personnel from civil liability for emergency first aid.
S.1432  SD.860 An Act Relative to Oversight of Capital Expenditures in the Commonwealth.
S.1437  SD.1637 An Act to Improve Public Contracting with Massachusetts Farmers.
H.1459  HD.3411 An Act Clarifying the Trafficking of Methamphetamines
H.1462  HD.3438 An Act relative to the use of telephones in places of detention.
H.1466  HD.3465 An Act relative to the sale of dogfighting paraphernalia.
H.1467  HD.3473 An Act Relative to trusts for the care of animals.
S.1472  SD.222 An Act amending the heating assistance and tax relief.
S.1474  SD.1467 An Act requiring customers to be notified on the status of the service provided to them.
S.1477  SD.1076 An Act to promote energy efficient state government.
S.1480  SD.1495 An Act to improve recycling rates in the commonwealth.
S.1482  SD.473 An Act relative to the failure to remove existing poles.
H.1484  HD.1729 An Act to provide certain information to victims of domestic violence.
S.1487  SD.294 An Act to Reinstate the Clean Environment Fund.
S.1489  SD.943 An Act to Improve Recycling Rates in the Commonwealth Through the Convenient Location of Receptacles.
S.1490  SD.1372 An Act Amending Utility Rate Hearings.
S.1491  SD.1539 An Act to Promote Utility System Reliability.
S.1492  SD.1739 An Act to Provide Emergency Relief for Electric Customers.
S.1493  SD.1937 An Act Regarding Service Quality Penalties.
S.1494  SD.1989 An Act Regarding Service Outage Restoration Penalties.
H.1495  HD.706 An Act relative to the profits from crime.
S.1495  SD.1991 An Act Regarding Mutual Assistance Agreements. .
H.1496  HD.720 An Act relative to parental rights and child survivors of homicide.
H.1499  HD.1553 An Act to Include Animals in Abuse Prevention Orders.
H.1500  HD.3008 An Act relative to improving the sex offender registry in the commonwealth.
H.1501  HD.3013 An Act Relating to DNA Samples.
H.1510  HD.3480 An Act to establish a temporary moratorium on foreclosures in the Commonwealth.
H.1517  HD.3106 An Act requiring the inclusion of certain civil rights offense information in the statewide domestic violence recordkeeping system.
H.1523  HD.481 An Act relating to comprehensive protection from childhood sexual abuse.
S.1571  SD.190 An Act relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death.
S.1572  SD.197 An Act protecting police officers while making a lawful arrest.
S.1573  SD.204 An Act increasing the penalty for motor vehicle homicide.
S.1579  SD.250 An Act prohibiting criminals to profit from their personal belongings.
S.1604  SD.1351 An Act relative to the rate of compensation paid to court appointed attorneys
S.1605  SD.1353 An Act relative to the Committee for Public Counsel Services
S.1615  SD.449 An Act relating to liability of health professionals in emergency response.
H.1652  HD.3314 An Act ensuring confidentiality for victims of rape and domestic violence.
H.1654  HD.3356 An Act Relating to Lead Poisoning Regulations.
S.1654  SD.1538 An Act relative to punishment for the crime of domestic violence.
S.1672  SD.1962 An Act relative to the crime of assault and battery on a child.
H.1685  HD.1864 An Act relative to oil spills on public ways.
H.1690  HD.2002 An Act further regulating juror service for elderly persons.
S.1691  SD.1671 An Act to Regulate Debt Collection Activity.
S.1694  SD.1978 An Act relative to victims rights.
S.1699  SD.48 An Act relative to the protection of motorists and residential neighborhoods.
H.1709  HD.1384 An Act Relative to Appeals.
S.1710  SD.559 An Act to Protect Animals.
S.1712  SD.731 An Act further regulating debt collection.
H.1715  HD.3235 An Act To raise the dollar limit of claims filed in small claims court.
H.1729  HD.3209 An Act to Amend the Foreclosure Statute to Require Judicial Foreclosure.
H.1747  HD.3900 An Act Relative to Housing Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault and Stalking.
S.1751  SD.1472 An Act to Establish a Moratorium on Foreclosures in the Commonwealth.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1763  HD.867 An Act regulating marijuana possession in schools, businesses and public locations.
H.1774  HD.576 An Act criminalizing the possession of ingredients for manufactured drugs.
H.1794  HD.385 An Act to prohibit restrictive employment covenants
H.1808  HD.3835 An Act to clarify seasonal employment.
H.1817  HD.2902 An Act relative to plant closings.
S.1828  SD.1130 An Act relative to community leadership, neighborhood revitalization and urban-violence protection act of 2009.
H.1834  HD.2832 An Act relating to workers compensation.
H.1866  HD.2481 An Act making display of an invalid workers compensation certificate a criminal offense.
S.1869  SD.1880 An Act Establishing a Disaster and Emergency Aid Fund for Massachusetts Artists.
H.1878  HD.3878 An Act relative to improving quality of early education and care through center child care providers.
H.1880  HD.1299 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.1891  SD.202 An Act further regulating the sale of distinctive registration plates for veterans.
S.1892  SD.205 An Act relative to permits for overweight vehicles.
S.1896  SD.236 An Act to clarify farm plates.
S.1914  SD.1348 An Act Authorizing the Registry of Motor Vehicles to Issue Distinctive License Plates for the Establishment of a Fund for the Future of Nursing.
H.1924  HD.3488 An Act protecting choice in behavioral health benefits for MassHealth members.
S.1929  SD.1093 An Act to promote safe driving.
H.1935  HD.2404 An Act relative to mental health services in Massachusetts correctional institutions, houses of correction and jails.
H.1937  HD.2486 An Act relative to juvenile mental health.
H.1938  HD.2555 An Act relative to the civil commitment of women for alcoholism and substance abuse to MCI Framingham.
S.1938  SD.1262 An Act Relative to Motor Vehicle Registrations.
H.1948  HD.1478 An Act increasing public safety by increasing access to addiction treatment.
H.1949  HD.1081 An Act providing for linguistically appropriate mental health services.
H.1955  HD.3703 An Act Relative to Substance Abuse Treatment.
H.1977  HD.2710 An Act relative to at risk dogs.
H.2030  HD.908 An Act relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities and settings.
H.2032  HD.2167 An Act relative to a registered nurse seat on the public health council.
H.2046  HD.1041 An Act Relative to Pollution Health Effects Mitigation.
H.2049  HD.3040 An Act to establish a reporting system for drug overdoses.
H.2060  HD.2681 An Act relative to optometrists scope of practice.
H.2062  HD.1818 An Act Relative To Defibrillators.
H.2072  HD.3440 An Act providing for unused medication return by health care facilities.
H.2074  HD.3463 An Act Relative to Public Access of Private Restrooms.
H.2077  HD.304 An Act relative to access to epinephrine in schools.
H.2078  HD.768 An Act requiring pain assessment and management in healthcare facilities.
H.2080  HD.1708 An Act relative to a board of registration in midwifery.
H.2084  HD.1780 An Act to reduce medication errors in the Commonwealth.
H.2092  HD.638 An Act relative to school nutrition.
H.2100  HD.1934 An Act providing for the prevention of influenza in health care workers and high risk patients.
H.2103  HD.1937 An Act requiring automatic external defibrilators in health and wellness facilities.
H.2106  HD.1941 An Act relative to the marketing and distribution of tobacco products.
H.2107  HD.1945 An Act promoting better health in public schools through improved contracting with farms in the commonwealth.
S.2112  SD.2073 An Act establishing a State Emergency Response Fund.
H.2127  HD.852 An Act to establish the Massachusetts Health Care Trust .
S.2137  SD.2189 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
H.2137  HD.2237 An Act relative to accessible medical equipment. .
H.2139  HD.3936 An Act to reduce Healthcare - associated infections. .
H.2145  HD.1903 An Act relative to firefighters.
H.2150  HD.2025 An Act Eliminating Age Discrimination In The MassHealth Program.
H.2152  HD.2114 An Act relative to the safe dispensing of pain management medication.
H.2154  HD.2138 An Act providing for health care facilities and hospice programs to return certain unused pharmaceutical drugs.
H.2155  HD.2139 An Act providing for the establishment and operation of a drug repository program.
H.2157  HD.2150 An Act prohibiting the use of all latex gloves and products by persons who handle food.
S.2158  SD.2140 An Act designating a certain node of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in the town of Uxbridge as the Effingham Capron Memorial Park.
S.2159  SD.2166 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Uxbridge as the Titus Ebbeling Memorial Bridge.
H.2161  HD.3218 An Act to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products.
H.2168  HD.3892 An Act relative to the labeling of food.
H.2177  HD.2578 An Act amending the children’s medical security plan.
H.2181  HD.585 An Act to establish a reporting system for drug overdoses. .
H.2182  HD.923 An Act relative to safeguarding and monitoring prescription drugs. .
H.2185  HD.3608 An Act Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Colorectal Cancer Screenings .
H.2188  HD.3823 An Act to Prohibit Novelty Lighters.
H.2189  HD.311 An Act to Prevent Youth and Gang Violence.
H.2209  HD.292 An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts police department.
H.2212  HD.1662 An Act relative to licensed residential properties.
H.2214  HD.2896 An Act relative to regulating licensed pawnbrokers. .
H.2215  HD.3190 An Act relative to protective custody .
H.2218  HD.558
H.2219  HD.480 An Act to clarify the use of carbon monoxide alarms.
H.2229  HD.960 An Act further regulating the issuance of firearm identification cards and licenses to carry firearms.
H.2234  HD.3574 An Act for the Protection of Gaming Officials.
H.2266  HD.1870 An Act establishing a municipal public safety facilities loan fund.
H.2283  HD.3236 An Act further regulating exits in sports complexes.
H.2288  HD.2017 An Act relative to increasing accessibility to nonlethal self defense sprays.
H.2363  HD.1657 An Act relative to cognitive testing for the National Guard.
H.2450  HD.1519 An Act regarding benefits for uniformed members of the Bureau of Fire Control.
H.2483  HD.240 An Act relative to the minimum pension for retirees.
H.2484  HD.241 An Act relative to eligibility for state group health insurance.
H.2485  HD.242 An Act relative to pension reform.
H.2487  HD.244 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth. .
H.2611  HD.2826 An Act relative to increasing veterans benefits.
H.2665  HD.1288 An Act to authorize the human resources division to undertake a study of the state's job classification system.
H.2666  HD.310 An Act to improve the earned income credit for working families.
H.2682  HD.1377 An Act relative to the taxation of public land leased for commercial purposes.
H.2686  HD.1158 An Act relative to an excise on plastic carryout bags in supermarkets.
H.2691  HD.3711 An Act providing for am exemption from the sales tax for certain medical devices.
H.2693  HD.3869 An Act Relative to disabled service-connected veterans and the motor vehicle excise tax.
H.2712  HD.2094 An Act providing for a certain green tax credit.
H.2719  HD.914 An Act Providing For A Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption For Purple Heart Receipients
H.2727  HD.1688 An Act relative to room occupancy excise taxes.
H.2728  HD.2582 An Act Relative to Expansion of Renewable Energy Tax Credits.
H.2729  HD.1061 An Act Relative to Small Business Tax Relief.
H.2735  HD.2532 A Resolve related to the corporate tax code
H.2753  HD.2354 An Act relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans.
H.2759  HD.1022 An Act relative to the taxation of real property.
H.2772  HD.2119 An Act Revising Sales Taxes on Motor Vehicles.
H.2806  HD.1944 An Act establishing an employee wellness program tax credit.
H.2812  HD.3842 An Act relative to historic residential tax credit.
H.2819  HD.2350 An Act extending a property tax exemption to the surviving spouse of blind persons.
H.2821  HD.2545 An Act to exempt small charities from tax upon raffle proceeds.
H.2834  HD.3108 An Act to establish a sales tax exemption for earth day.
H.2845  HD.951 An Act Relative to Energy Efficient Vehicles.
H.2849  HD.1530 An Act relative to the renewable energy income tax credit.
H.2851  HD.2283 An Act authorizing contributions by energy company consumers to fund municipal renewable energy facilities.
H.2858  HD.1114 An Act establishing a fuel tax credit
H.2868  HD.1068 An Act relative to the refund of sales tax upon return of merchandise.
H.2870  HD.3919 An Act to reduce taxes generated by charitable raffles and bazaars.
H.2882  HD.1878 An Act providing property tax relief for certain caregivers.
H.2890  HD.2523 An Act deferring sales tax on certain motor vehicles .
H.2892  HD.957 An Act Relative to Property Taxes and Senior Citizens.
H.2906  HD.2127 An Act to provide a hearing aid tax credit.
H.2908  HD.2716 An Act Creating a Local Option Allowing A Tax Credit for the Cost of for The Cost of Purchase and Installation of Alternative Energy Equipment
H.2942  HD.2288 An Act Rotating the Sales Tax Holiday.
H.2959  HD.3849 An Act An Act Relative to Establishing a Searchable Website of State Expenditures.
H.2974  HD.917 An Act designating September as hydrocephalus awareness month
H.3001  HD.415 An Act to promote municipal efficiency and innovation through regional collaboration.
H.3004  HD.2276 An Act facilitating the development of underutilized properties formerly operated by the department of mental health or the department of mental retardation for supported housing for people deemed eligible for services by the department of mental health or the department of mental retardation.
H.3005  HD.1296 An Act promoting responsible investment and the prevention of genocide.
H.3016  HD.1846 An Act relative to the annual observance of greyhound adoption month.
H.3023  HD.3851 An Act Recognizing Massachusetts State Parks Day.
H.3036  HD.2085 An Act to designate shaken baby syndrome awareness week.
H.3051  HD.577 An Act to reduce paperwork in the Commonwealth.
H.3056  HD.3510 An Act to inform the public about utility rates.
H.3064  HD.1820 An Act to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy, and reduce light pollution.
H.3078  HD.3194 An Act relative to telecommunications and telephone plans. .
H.3087  HD.2179 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
H.3099  HD.865 An Act to Establish the Oil Heat Energy Efficiency Program.
H.3102  HD.1545 An Act relative to DPU hearings regarding new electric transmission projects.
H.3110  HD.1493 An Act requiring public utilities to provide prepaid postage to elderly persons.
H.3119  HD.2973 An Act relative to solicitation disclosures.
H.3129  HD.3492
H.3130  HD.2735 An Act prohibiting deceptive billing practices by cellular telephone service providers.
H.3133  HD.3291 An Act regulating the wireless telephone industry.
H.3137  HD.1382 An Act to improve recycling rates in the commonwealth by providing recycling containers adjacent to beverage vending machines.
H.3169  HD.1165 An Act relative to establishing a fund for 'Prevent Blindness Massachusetts'.
H.3170  HD.1181 An Act Relative to Vehicles of Visiting Nurses.
H.3179  HD.3922 An Act creating the Mass Rail Transit Fund.
H.3183  HD.3701 An Act establishing distinctive registration plates supporting our troops.
H.3190  HD.924 An Act Relative To Distinctive Bronze Star Motor Vehicle Plates
H.3191  HD.1679 An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for firefighters.
H.3224  HD.986 An Act to further regulate the use of recreational vehicles.
H.3225  HD.3714 An Act relative to bridge safety on Massachusetts highways.
H.3273  HD.3138 An Act establishing a distinctive motor vehicle license plate for the university of Massachusetts.
H.3290  HD.3383 An Act Relative to Tolls.
H.3301  HD.1888 An Act relative to red and blue flashing, rotating or oscillating lights.
H.3317  HD.3233 An Act Relative to disabled veteran and handicapped parking.
H.3343  HD.2843 An Act relative to charitable donation of automobiles.
H.3348  HD.1139 An Act regulating the use of recording devices in motor vehicles.
H.3367  HD.3609 An Act to Freeze Toll Increases.
H.3372  HD.1157 An Act relative to the parking of motor vehicles at meters by certain persons.
H.3373  HD.3670 An Act relative to inland fisheries and game licenses.
H.3377  HD.3559 An Act relative to annual energy expenses for eligible veterans.
H.3393  HD.1897 Resolve to establish a special commission to evaluate the status of Massachusetts veterans long term care services
H.3401  HD.3174 An Act establishing the Masschusetts GI bill for veterans.
H.3402  HD.3188 An Act for veterans hunting and fishing licenses.
H.3403  HD.3248 An Act relative to veteran's annuity benefits for surviving spouses.
H.3416  HD.1391 An Act to protect nursing home residents
H.3417  HD.902 An Act relative to increasing the personal needs allowance.
H.3434  HD.1266 An Act relative to providing health education in schools.
H.3439  HD.1311 An Act relative to abandoned vessels
H.3440  HD.810 An Act relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from diesel engines.
H.3446  HD.1376 An Act further regulating hazardous and toxic material
H.3447  HD.1383 An Act providing for equitable coverage in disability policies.
H.3450  HD.931 An Act relative to urea cycle disorders.
H.3465  HD.1295 An Act improving emergency access to mental health services.
H.3466  HD.1247 An Act relative to recycling.
H.3476  HD.819 An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy.
H.3485  HD.272 An Act Improving the Earned Income Credit.
H.3492  HD.275 An Act Establishing a Youth Awareness Week.
H.3493  HD.1370 An Act relative to municipal structures.
H.3494  HD.1367 An Act relative to the Open Meeting Law.
H.3511  HD.1194 An Act requiring the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to provide alternative fuel at their facilities.
H.3512  HD.807 An Act to improve recycling and litter reduction.
H.3515  HD.1314 An Act to improve recycling rates in the Commonwealth.
H.3518  HD.1265 An Act to protect trees in public parks.
H.3522  HD.1044 An Act to protect and preserve neighborhoods.
H.3543  HD.262 An Act relative to the Support Our Troops distinctive registration plates.
H.3546  HD.2242 An Act protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors.
H.3557  HD.1453 An Act relative to mental health benefits
H.3558  HD.1459 An Act relative to access to mental health and addiction services.
H.3559  HD.1462 An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment
H.3568  HD.2265 An Act Establishing An Education Loan Repayment Program For Social Workers And Credentialed Direct Care Human Service Workers.
H.3570  HD.235 An Act Relative to Comprehensive Zoning Permits in Cities and Towns.
H.3576  HD.1618 An Act excluding payments for foster care in computing rent and determining eligibility for subsidized housing. .
H.3577  HD.2253 An Act relative to affordable housing condominium fees and uses.
H.3580  HD.2204 An Act relative to municipal seasonal workers.
H.3581  HD.2231 An Act regarding unemployment payments by cities and towns
H.3584  HD.1420 An Act directing the Department of Mental Health to study peer run respite services.
H.3585  HD.1433 An Act pertaining to people with mental illness in hospital emergency rooms.
H.3586  HD.1439 An Act for coordination of children's mental health care services
H.3587  HD.2165 An Act establishing a regionalization advisory commission.
H.3590  HD.2221 An Act relative to municipal service fees .
H.3598  HD.2143 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids.
H.3605  HD.1621 An Act allowing for the granting of tax abatements for certain military personnel.
H.3645  HD.2757 An Act Relative to Cueing and Supervision in the PCA Program.
H.3658  HD.2662 An Act Relative to School Transportation.
H.3663  HD.2810 An Act requiring defibrillators in senior housing facilities.
H.3670  HD.2732 An Act to form a special commission to study pharmaceutical and personal care product contamination in our water supply.
H.3682  HD.3295 An Act relative to elderly housing.
H.3717  HD.2750 An Act amending the membership of the health care quality and cost council.
H.3748  HD.2981 An Act promoting school sports participation.
H.3762  HD.2747 An Act to Promote Energy Efficient Lighting, Conserve Energy, Regulate Outdoor Night Lighting, and Reduce Light Pollution.
H.3782  HD.2793 An Act Regarding the Fiscal Authority of Decertified Libraries.
H.3785  HD.2989 An Act relative to the transportation of individuals seated in wheelchairs.
H.3786  HD.2760 An Act increasing access to medical care for veterans.
H.3792  HD.2742 An Act relative to veterans burial benefits .
H.3801  HD.3603 An Act relative to the purchasing and sales of event tickets.
H.3803  HD.1117 An Act establishing a three year phase in of transportation costs into the special education circuit breaker.
H.3804  HD.1180 An Act addressing bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder.
H.3809  HD.984 An Act relative to insurance coverage for autism.
H.3834  HD.1080 An Act relative to senior tax relief.
H.3846  HD.3804 An Act relative to municipal emergency disaster relief payments.
H.3897  HD.4141 An Act providing coverage for treatment of post-partum depression.
H.3902  HD.4217 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Student Loan Authority.
H.3912  HD.900 An Act relative to patient safety.
H.3962  HD.4197 An Act eliminating the gasoline tax to state agencies and municipalities.
H.4010  HD.4196 An Act relative to civil citation.
H.4015  HD.4040 An Act prohibiting junior operators use of cell phones or text messaging devices while driving.
H.4079  HD.1090 An Act reimbursing cities and towns for special education transportation costs.
H.4232  HD.4546 An Act to establish licensing requirements and protections for certain cottage communities.
H.4465  HD.4682 An Act to Protect Conservation Lands.
H.4529  HD.4871 An Act further defining the dissemination of obscene material.
H.4531  HD.4818 An Act Relative to Real Estate Tax Exemptions of Certain Veterans.
H.4750  HD.4572 An Act to Maintain the Operation of Public Swimming Pools.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.