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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Joan M. Menard Served 1999 - 2010 - First Bristol and Plymouth

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.55  SD.4 An Act relating to improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.
S.56  SD.145 An Act to promote healthy behaviors.
S.151  SD.104 An Act relative to the resale of tickets.
S.251  SD.89 An Act relative to out of state price authorization for chapter 766 students.
S.352  SD.146 An Act regulating campaign contributions.
S.353  SD.591 An Act relative to the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.
S.408  SD.1911 An Act establishing the Massachusetts State Pilotage Rate Board.
S.486  SD.90 An Act relative to certain transactions by a foreign transmittal agency subject to the supervision of the commissioner of banks.
S.487  SD.158 An Act banning the use of certain socio-economic factors for insurance underwriting and rating of motor vehicle liability insurance.
S.488  SD.1584 An Act relative to auto insurance surcharges.
S.489  SD.1720 An Act relative to group health insurance.
S.490  SD.1909 An Act relating to the requirements of the private passenger automobile insurance residual market plan.
S.491  SD.2033 An Act relative to commonwealth automobile reinsurers.
S.648  SD.1599 An Act to promote manufactured housing in the commonwealth.
S.649  SD.1614 An Act relative to septic systems in manufactured housing communities.
S.650  SD.1620 An Act relative to prospective purchasers in manufactured housing communities.
S.699  SD.856 An Act addressing workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment, without regard to protected class status.
S.777  SD.1626 An Act to improve water sub-metering in manufactured housing communities.
S.834  SD.91 An Act relative to the expansion of medical peer review.
S.835  SD.913 An Act regulating pharmacy audits.
S.836  SD.938 An Act relative to medical spas.
S.837  SD.1577 An Act relative to voluntary school based influenza prevention pilot program.
S.961  SD.1565 An Act to improve safety in high-rise buildings.
S.1125  SD.5 An Act to further regulate the retirement benefits of members of the University of Massachusetts police department.
S.1126  SD.6 An Act relative to certain state employees of the Department of Revenue.
S.1127  SD.7 An Act relative to the employees of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
S.1128  SD.8 An Act relative to indemnity of probation and court officers.
S.1129  SD.9 An Act relative to public hearings of the group insurance commission.
S.1130  SD.10 An Act relative to expenses incurred in defense against unfair labor practices.
S.1131  SD.11 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
S.1132  SD.12 An Act providing that decisions of the Labor Relations Commission in representation cases shall be subject to judicial review.
S.1133  SD.13 An Act relative to the retirement rights of certain employees of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
S.1134  SD.18 An Act relative to defining employees classified in group 4.
S.1135  SD.19 An Act further regulating the retirement benefits of certain public safety employees.
S.1136  SD.20 An Act relative to the definition of group two of the public employee retirement system.
S.1137  SD.21 An Act authorizing retirement incentives for certain career employees.
S.1138  SD.22 An Act providing for the retirement of all municipal employees.
S.1139  SD.95 An Act to authorize the state retirement board to grant creditable service to Joan Casey-Amaral.
S.1140  SD.97 An Act relative to the Massachusetts water resources authority.
S.1141  SD.397 An Act further regulating certain public employees creditable retirement service time for active service in the armed forces.
S.1142  SD.1760 An Act providing for the continued medical care and treatment of Ellen E. Englehardt, a state trooper injured in the line of duty.
S.1297  SD.1606 An Act relative to tax credits for residents in manufactured housing communities.
S.1503  SD.1575 An Act relative to the alternative portfolio standard.
S.1741  SD.88 An Act relative to CORI information for chapter 766 approved private schools.
S.1742  SD.92 An Act improving apprehension of drunk drivers and other law violators.
S.1743  SD.93 An Act further regulating certain visitation rights.
S.1744  SD.96 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sheila Ferreira, an employee of the trial court.
S.1935  SD.1593 An Act permitting the use of traffic control signal violation monitoring system devices as a means of promoting traffic safety in the cities of the Commonwealth.
S.2038  SD.702 An Act to control gaming in Massachusetts.
S.2101  SD.2206 Text of the further amendment (Menard) to the Senate Bill mobilizing economic recovery in the Commonwealth (Senate, No. 2061)
S.2110  SD.2158 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Theodore S. Bielecki, an employee of the Department of Correction.
S.2124  SD.2176 An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Fall River and the town of Somerset as the Veterans Memorial Bridge.
S.2188  SD.2251 An Act Designating a Certain Pedestrian Path in the City of Fall River and the Town of Somerset as the Army Pvt. Michael E. Bouthot Pedestrian Path.
S.2228  SD.2332 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Catherine Ann Ouellette, an employee of the Trial Court
S.2507  SD.2442 An Act designating the Plymouth Red-Bellied Cooter as the Official Turtle of the Commonwealth.
S.960  SD.94 An Act regulating the use of chimineas. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.