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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative John P. Fresolo Served 1999 - 2013 Democrat - 16th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.577  HD.3867 An Act to provide to certain employees of the commonwealth the right to participate collectively in the political process.
H.902  HD.287 An Act relative to the delivery of loss information to an insured from commercial insurers.
H.903  HD.289 An Act relative to applications for insurance against loss or damage to a building by fire.
H.904  HD.300 An Act relative to coverages under the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association.
H.905  HD.332 An Act relative to the electronic submission of claims.
H.906  HD.379 An Act relative to homeowners insurance.
H.1071  HD.475 An Act relative to the insurance partnership.
H.1374  HD.319 An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employees.
H.1375  HD.331 An Act relative to the exposure of public safety officials to the aids virus.
H.1376  HD.380 An Act clarifying the collection of data relative to traffic stops.
H.1377  HD.829 An Act to the arrest powers of municipal police officers.
H.1378  HD.861 An Act clarifying the collection of data relative to traffic stops.
H.1379  HD.876 An Act establishing drug free elderly housing zones.
H.1380  HD.3160 An Act relative to a policeman's bill of rights.
H.2219  HD.480 An Act to clarify the use of carbon monoxide alarms.
H.2220  HD.2066 An Act relative to smoke detectors.
H.2221  HD.2069 An Act relative to automatic sprinklers.
H.2222  HD.3285 An Act concerning the disclosure of records involving citizen complaints and the discipline of public safety officers.
H.2223  HD.3630 An Act relative to the federal protection service.
H.2406  HD.274 An Act relative to disability pensions.
H.2407  HD.282 An Act pertaining to the composition of the PRIM board.
H.2408  HD.412 An Act to clarify leave under Chapter 41: 111F.
H.2409  HD.2235 An Act to further regulate leave with pay for incapacitated employees of the University of Massachusetts police department.
H.2410  HD.2383 An Act relative to police officers injured in the line of duty.
H.2411  HD.2417 An Act relative to the cancer presumption for police officers.
H.2412  HD.2430 An Act relative to employees of sheriff's departments.
H.2413  HD.2463 An Act relative to public employee disability benefits for certain employees employed by the commonwealth and its political subdivisions.
H.2414  HD.2499 An Act regarding police and firefighter's compensation.
H.2415  HD.2589 An Act relative to residency.
H.2416  HD.2606 An Act to include certain county employees under the heart law.
H.2417  HD.2904 An Act relative to the definition of group four of the retirement system.
H.2418  HD.2952 An Act relative to establishing a law enforcement bill of rights.
H.2419  HD.3178 An Act relative to providing for binding arbitration for fire fighters and police officers.
H.2420  HD.3277 An Act relative to labor relations.
H.2421  HD.3283 An Act further regulating EMS benefits.
H.2422  HD.3377 An Act relative to non clerical employees of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
H.2423  HD.3421 An Act relative to noncontributory retirement benefits.
H.2424  HD.3888 An Act to clarify the cost of transfers.
H.2425  HD.3917 An Act to clarify group 2.
H.2740  HD.3395 An Act establishing standards for long term care insurance.
H.2988  HD.302 An Act relative to designating a certain area in the city of Worcester as a Place of Peace Healing Garden.
H.2989  HD.3387 An Act relative to an employer's first report of injury notices of insured employee.
H.2990  HD.3699 An act to clarity employee organization leave.
H.3216  HD.3391 An Act relative to minimum age requirement for obtaining identification cards.
H.3540  HD.299 An Act relative to the renewal of motor vehicle licenses.
H.3728  HD.2726 An Act to further regulate the attendance by police officers at police association executive board meeting.
H.3845  HD.3815 An Act relative to provide tuition waivers for children of disabled veterans.
H.3949  HD.4199 An Act to impose a tax on cigarette rolling papers.
H.4539  HD.4718 An Act relative to the definition of group four of the retirement system.
H.4540  HD.4742 An Act relative to employee retirement.
H.4543  HD.4741 An Act providing veteran status to Mr. William S. Wood.
H.4685  HD.4920 An Act establishing a vehicle for hire law.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.