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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Joan Meschino Democrat - 3rd Plymouth

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  HD.1157 An Act relative to an electric transportation future
  HD.1159 An Act promoting zero-emission vehicles
  HD.1271 An Act relative to condominiums
  HD.1276 An Act relative to youth voter engagement
  HD.1281 An Act relative to monthly minimum reliability contributions
  HD.1290 An Act relative to dual detention status
  HD.1305 An Act to promote electric vehicle fleets by 2035
  HD.1335 An Act to promote the education success of court involved children
  HD.1337 An Act relative to the definition of custody in protection and care of children proceedings
  HD.1339 An Act to provide notice to counsel of changes in a child’s or a young adult’s placement and other events
  HD.1341 An Act regarding the appointment of court investigators and the admissibility of certain reports in care and protection cases
  HD.1343 An Act to keep siblings together in foster care
  HD.1344 An Act rescinding an order terminating parental rights
  HD.1345 An Act relative to privileged communications
  HD.1346 An Act to accelerate a child's reunification with family members and to eliminate unnecessary time in foster care
  HD.1418 An Act supporting parents running for public office
  HD.1440 An Act relative to a streaming entertainment operator’s use of the public rights-of-way
  HD.1444 An Act establishing a community college campus hunger pilot program
  HD.1714 An Act relative to notification of front-line health care workers to exposure of Coronavirus
  HD.1968 An Act to create access to justice
  HD.1973 An Act relative to conservation and natural gas infrastructure
  HD.2126 An Act relative to the sale of electronic nicotine delivery systems
  HD.2905 An Act relative to surcharges on motor vehicle insurance premiums
  HD.3122 An Act regarding the quantum of proof in care and protection and termination of parental rights cases
  HD.3128 An Act relative to the consideration of a child’s racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic identity
  HD.3135 An Act promoting the placement of foster children with family members and preventing discrimination against potential foster parents based on irrelevant convictions
  HD.3138 An Act providing timely court oversight of DCF’s custody decisions and protecting children from unnecessary removals and trauma
  HD.3157 An Act relative to basing dispositional orders on a child’s best interest
  HD.3158 An Act minimizing trauma for foster children through improved parenting time plans
  HD.3160 An Act establishing a special commission to end family, child, and individual homelessness
  HD.3593 An Act relative to building energy and decarbonization
  HD.3626 An Act to create and implement a Massachusetts flexible housing subsidy pool program to address the medically complex needs of disabled men, women and children experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts
  HD.3848 An Act relative to transportation governance
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.