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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate President Karen E. Spilka Democrat - Middlesex and Norfolk

Photo of  Karen E. Spilka
President of the Senate

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 332
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1500
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.66  SD.86 An Act to enhance opportunities for housing among recipients of transitional assistance.
S.67  SD.295 An Act to improve the interstate compact on the placement of children .
S.68  SD.903 An Act regarding families and children engaged in services.
S.69  SD.992 An Act relative to welfare reform.
S.70  SD.994 An Act to Provide Habilitative Services to the Children of the Commonwealth .
S.71  SD.1066 An Act supporting strong families by providing paid family and medical leave, increasing tax deductions, and establishing a work-family council. .
S.177  SD.1000 An Act to protect consumers who hold credit cards.
S.205  SD.1986 An Act Extending the Use of the Sixth Edition of the Massachusetts Building Code .
S.270  SD.53 An Act amending school attendance.
S.271  SD.313 An Act relative to studying alternative sources for funding local and state aid to public schools.
S.272  SD.318 An Act establishing a charter school working group.
S.273  SD.1006 An Act to improve STEM education in the Commonwealth.
S.275  SD.1067 An Act relative to increasing the benefit to cities and towns from the special education circuit breaker and including regional transportation network costs.
S.276  SD.1474 An Act to promote out-of school time programming and community education for children and families in the Commonwealth.
S.277  SD.1612 An Act to Promote the Building of Full Service Schools.
S.278  SD.1968 An Act to fulfill the promise of education reform: adequate funding for student success.
S.431  SD.316 An Act relative to the repair, removal and replacement of dams.
S.432  SD.1035 An Act to protect children from bisphenol-A.
S.509  SD.1509 An Act Relative to Savings Bank Life Insurance .
S.582  SD.305 An Act relative to spousal waiver for home and community-based services for physically disabled adults age 60 and under.
S.583  SD.319 An Act relative to recognizing the importance of public vision awareness.
S.614  SD.57 An Act to promote higher education among employees of human services provider organizations.
S.659  SD.311 An Act regarding the method in which a city or town may meet its low or moderate income housing requirement.
S.748  SD.56 An Act relative to the civil commitment for alcoholism or substance abuse at certain facilities.
S.749  SD.1053 An Act creating a jail diversion program.
S.786  SD.314 An Act to assist public water suppliers and to safeguard adequate water supplies.
S.787  SD.1075 An Act creating a fund to assist municipalities experiencing extraordinary increases in the need for public safety services.
S.788  SD.1529 An Act Relative to Studying Electronic Methods to Make Municipalities More Cost Effective .
S.895  SD.998 An Act Creating A Metro West Public Health District .
S.896  SD.1681 An Act relative to women’s health and cancer recovery.
S.1188  SD.302 An Act relative to creditable service for Benjamin Giacomelli.
S.1189  SD.307 An Act relative to insurance advisory committees.
S.1332  SD.3 An Act to create property tax credits for individuals with disabilities.
S.1333  SD.54 An Act establishing an income tax deduction for individuals who donate a human organ.
S.1334  SD.312 An Act to allow single family homeowners to deduct their municipal water, sewer and trash fees from their state income tax.
S.1335  SD.1015 An Act relative to real estate tax increases for elderly persons.
S.1336  SD.1043 An Act relative to tax credits.
S.1337  SD.1623 An Act to increase the property tax reduction for seniors who perform volunteer services in their community.
S.1338  SD.1652 An Act relative to local excise tax on charges of meals served to the public.
S.1339  SD.1654 An Act to Increase the Local Excise Tax for Lodging .
S.1340  SD.1800 An Act to Promote Reusable Energy Use in the Commonwealth.
S.1534  SD.309 An Act establishing a cell phone users bill of rights.
S.1535  SD.1085 An Act Relative to Reusable Beverage Containers .
S.1802  SD.315 An Act to promote consumer rights and enhance exemptions in the small claims courts.
S.1803  SD.317 An Act relative to small claims procedures.
S.1804  SD.1686 An Act to Permit the Setting of Both Cash Bail and Pretrial Conditions in Domestic Violence Matters.
S.1805  SD.1725 An Act to Establish a Foreclosure Mediation Program .
S.1806  SD.1996 An Act Relative to a Lien for Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Site Professionals .
S.1958  SD.55 An Act to provide greater protection in registry of motor vehicle hearings.
S.1959  SD.1070 An Act Relative To Fairness and Equity In Regional Transportation Planning.
S.1960  SD.1580 An Act assisting towns to create quiet zones for at-grade rail crossings.
S.1961  SD.1923 An Act Relative to Freezing the Tolls.
S.1962  SD.1927 An Act to grant authority to the secretary of the executive office of transportation and public works to charge and collect tolls at the borders of the Commonwealth.
S.1963  SD.1969 An Act to establish funding for existing transportation systems in the Commonwealth.
S.274  SD.1028 An Act relative to heart screening for interscholastic athletes. This bill is by request. *
S.510  SD.1600 An Act Relative to a Dental, Prescription, and Vision Coverage Opt-Out Clause. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.