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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Kate Hogan Democrat - 3rd Middlesex

Photo of  Kate Hogan
Speaker Pro Tempore
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  HD.687 An Act authorizing the town of Maynard to grant one additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be consumed off the premises
  HD.1175 An Act expanding the sale of products by farmer breweries and pub brewers
  HD.1176 An Act relative to privately owned public use airport real estate taxes
  HD.1177 An Act relative to veterans with post-traumatic stress
  HD.1543 An Act granting equal access to original birth certificates to all persons born in Massachusetts
  HD.1613 An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land to the town of Hudson
  HD.1623 An Act modernizing the Massachusetts alcohol laws
  HD.1624 An Act relative to veterans with post-traumatic stress
  HD.1626 An Act protecting the employment benefits of Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard Auxiliary members
  HD.1631 An Act authorizing charitable alcohol donations
  HD.1636 An Act to expand veteran license plate eligibility
  HD.1637 An Act to improve access to family physicians
  HD.1640 An Act relative to firefighter training
  HD.1641 An Act in aid of libraries
  HD.1642 An Act designating the blanding turtle as the official turtle of the Commonwealth
  HD.1644 An Act providing for bleeding control training as part of the health education curriculum
  HD.1646 An Act to promote transparency in prescription drug prices
  HD.1647 An Act establishing veterans’ service officers as mandated reporters
  HD.1705 An Act to protect MassHealth applicants facing undue hardship
  HD.1783 An Act to protect victims of stalking in violation of harassment prevention orders
  HD.1784 An Act relative to visitation and family court matters in domestic violence cases
  HD.1787 An Act relative to the protection of vulnerable adults from sexual assault committed by mandated reporters, persons in a position of trust and providers of transportation
  HD.1788 An Act criminalizing sexual assault by fraud of a medical professional
  HD.2572 An Act relative to the sustainability of public health dental hygienists through adequate reimbursements
  HD.2573 An Act to preserve special needs trusts for disabled seniors
  HD.2962 An Act establishing an oral health special commission and needs assessment
  HD.3321 An Act relative to exempting home appliance service and repair technicians from certain provisions of the Massachusetts plumbing code
  HD.3702 An Act establishing a special commission to study women and homelessness
  HD.3757 An Act to improve oral health for all Massachusetts residents
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.