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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Lori A. Ehrlich Served 2007 - 2022 Democrat - 8th Essex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.58  SD.515 An Act relating to anti-human trafficking and protection.
H.108  HD.1943 An Act relative to pandemic and disaster preparation and response in the Commonwealth.
H.109  HD.1224 An Act prohibiting the use of health data for marketing purposes.
S.132  SD.947 An Act to protect victims of unlicensed debt collection activity.
S.201  SD.469 An Act relative to plant relocation.
H.311  HD.1511 An Act increasing the experience and background necessary to operate low pressure processed steam boilers.
H.401  HD.1521 An Act relative to student testing in the public schools.
H.402  HD.2440 An Act establishing a health education program in the public schools.
H.403  HD.2552 An Act relative to local control of health education curriculums.
H.404  HD.2767 An Act establishing a physical education requirement in the public schools.
S.406  SD.671 An Act updating the animal control laws of Massachusetts.
S.432  SD.1035 An Act to protect children from bisphenol-A.
H.450  HD.637 An Act relative to the public health impact of commercialism in schools.
H.453  HD.1551 An Act relative to the teaching of teen dating violence in public schools.
H.456  HD.3165
H.483  HD.3250 An Act Relative to the Prevention of Bullying.
H.503  HD.3210 An Act to provide certain materials, funding, and staffing levels for school library media centers.
H.605  HD.4249 An Act protecting school children from environmental toxins.
H.660  HD.2035 An Act relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote.
H.725  HD.3072 An Act to Prohibit the Additional Incineration of Solid Waste.
H.726  HD.3104 An Act Relative to Producer Responsibility for Mercury-Added Lamps.
H.731  HD.1879 An Act to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy, and reduce light pollution.
H.757  HD.3093 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
H.798  HD.2223 An Act relative to decreasing environmental hazards, toxins, and litter
H.835  HD.3568 An Act relative to genetically modified pharmaceutical crops.
H.854  HD.1340 An Act reducing diesel emissions from non road construction vehicles.
H.898  HD.2951 An Act relative to diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. .
H.910  HD.1012 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids for children.
H.932  HD.3447 An Act Relative to the treatment of cleft palate and cleft lip.
H.1019  HD.3593 An Act relative to the disclosure of federal troubled asset relief program funds by banks.
S.1106  SD.17 An Act relative to creditable service for teachers.
H.1151  HD.4403 An Act Providing For An Automated Toll Collection Review.
H.1319  HD.1238 An Act to Protect Animals in Domestic Violence Cases.
H.1345  HD.901 An Act Relative to Falsely Assuming to be a Public Official.
S.1410  SD.1924 An Act relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures.
S.1415  SD.1588 An Act Relative to Lobbyist Reform.
H.1481  HD.727 An Act Designating the Samuel E. Zoll Building.
H.1499  HD.1553 An Act to Include Animals in Abuse Prevention Orders.
H.1501  HD.3013 An Act Relating to DNA Samples.
S.1687  SD.389 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
S.1691  SD.1671 An Act to Regulate Debt Collection Activity.
H.1728  HD.431 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
H.1745  HD.3877 An Act updating the public health laws.
H.1746  HD.3885 An Act relative to consent and counseling for certain minors.
H.1797  HD.878 An Act Establishing A Temporary Worker's Right To Know.
S.1870  SD.1292 An Act relating to the treatment of elephants.
H.1880  HD.1299 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.1920  SD.414 An Act to allow hybrid and alternate fuel vehicles in hov-designated highwayy lanes.
H.2054  HD.1151 An Act restricting the sale of tobacco products at locations where health professionals are employed.
H.2089  HD.628 An Act to prevent prescription fraud.
H.2090  HD.630 An Act to develop a pilot program for unused prescription medication disposal.
H.2091  HD.633 An Act relating to internet prescription consumer protection.
H.2092  HD.638 An Act relative to school nutrition.
H.2094  HD.688 An Act relative to air quality in schools and public buildings.
H.2103  HD.1937 An Act requiring automatic external defibrilators in health and wellness facilities.
S.2103  SD.2160 An Act relative to the relocation of electrical power transmission lines in the city of Lynn.
H.2107  HD.1945 An Act promoting better health in public schools through improved contracting with farms in the commonwealth.
H.2108  HD.1948 An Act relative to healthy cosmetics.
H.2119  HD.2819 An Act relative to the notification of mammographic examinations.
H.2161  HD.3218 An Act to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products.
H.2316  HD.1168 An Act providing creditable service for certain teachers.
S.2350  SD.2482 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for John Phelan, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
H.2665  HD.1288 An Act to authorize the human resources division to undertake a study of the state's job classification system.
H.2686  HD.1158 An Act relative to an excise on plastic carryout bags in supermarkets.
H.2717  HD.3007 An Act Establishing an Organ Donation Registration Fund.
H.2732  HD.1825 An Act to Promote Sales Tax Fairness for Main Street Retailers.
H.2761  HD.1523 An Act relative to the interest rate on late payment of real estate taxes.
H.2766  HD.2369 An Act to direct tobacco tax revenues to reduce tobacco use and its harms.
H.2773  HD.3951 An Act To Reduce Youth Consumption of Tobacco Products By Equalizing the Cigarette Excise.
H.2908  HD.2716 An Act Creating a Local Option Allowing A Tax Credit for the Cost of for The Cost of Purchase and Installation of Alternative Energy Equipment
H.2972  HD.3716 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Revenues and Expenditures Transparency Act.
H.3005  HD.1296 An Act promoting responsible investment and the prevention of genocide.
H.3040  HD.1979 An Act Exempting Owners from providing an Indemnity for Certain Lost or Stolen Registered Bonds.
H.3058  HD.1148 An Act relative to the sale of prepaid cell phones.
H.3064  HD.1820 An Act to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy, and reduce light pollution.
H.3137  HD.1382 An Act to improve recycling rates in the commonwealth by providing recycling containers adjacent to beverage vending machines.
H.3152  HD.1413 An Act relative to cell phone use in motor vehicles.
H.3227  HD.2769 An Act to preserve the right of way for the North South Rail Link.
H.3349  HD.2332 An Act relative to motorist safety.
H.3350  HD.2335 An Act relative to motorist safety from commercial vehicles.
H.3367  HD.3609 An Act to Freeze Toll Increases.
H.3410  HD.3705 An Act Establishing the Essex County Commission on the Status of Women.
H.3434  HD.1266 An Act relative to providing health education in schools.
H.3440  HD.810 An Act relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from diesel engines.
H.3441  HD.1254 An Act protecting the Commonwealth's lakes and ponds.
H.3515  HD.1314 An Act to improve recycling rates in the Commonwealth.
H.3546  HD.2242 An Act protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors.
H.3595  HD.1451 An Act relative to foods containing artificial trans fat.
H.3669  HD.2633 An Act to regulate coal ash as solid waste.
H.3670  HD.2732 An Act to form a special commission to study pharmaceutical and personal care product contamination in our water supply.
H.3762  HD.2747 An Act to Promote Energy Efficient Lighting, Conserve Energy, Regulate Outdoor Night Lighting, and Reduce Light Pollution.
H.3809  HD.984 An Act relative to insurance coverage for autism.
H.4077  HD.1057 An Act to promote demographic accountability for commonwealth charter schools.
H.4078  HD.1064 An Act to promote civic engagement in the charter school approval process.
H.4258  HD.3985 An Act strengthening health reform .
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.