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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Linda Dean Campbell Served 2007 - 2022 Democrat - 15th Essex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.599  HD.4316 An Act authorizing the City of Methuen to lease that building formally known as the "Dav Building" to the Head Start Program of the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council.
H.1310  HD.1006 An Act imposing a transfer fee on mortgage foreclosures.
H.1969  HD.1118 An Act requiring the posting of security for the seizure and impoundment of animals .
H.2335  HD.978 An Act exempting Karen Toto from the maximum age requirement for police officers in the City of Methuen .
H.2336  HD.3807 An Act relative to termination allowances.
H.2337  HD.3810 An Act relative to superannuation retirement.
H.3183  HD.3701 An Act establishing distinctive registration plates supporting our troops.
H.4090  HD.4015 An Act relative to the preliminary election in the city of methuen in the year 2009.
H.4261  HD.94261 An Act authorizing the city of Methuen to lease a building to the head start program of the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council.
H.4404  HD.4756 An Act Authorizing the City of Methuen to repay the borrowing of certain monies for the satisfaction of a final judgment under the applicable provisions of Chapter 44 of the General Laws for a period of up to (20) years.
H.4900  HD.5113 An Act Exempting Christopher J. Lane from the Maximum Age Requirement For Police Officers in the City of Methuen.
H.5090  HD.5274 An Act Relative to Health Insurance in the City of Methuen.
H.5110  HD.5277 An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Patrick J. Hager, an Employee of the Department of Revenue.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.