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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Lewis G. Evangelidis Served 2003 - 2010 - 1st Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.121  HD.3228 An Act Relative to Public Assistance Substance Screening.
H.228  HD.189 An Act creating a civil legal action to be enforced by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth to protect an individuals right to repair an automobile.
S.335  SD.1741 An Act requiring photo identification to recieve a ballot
H.338  HD.1597 An Act relative to the student entrepreneurial development and economic investment fund.
H.351  HD.3229 An Act directing the Department of Education to include a course in civics as a high school graduation requirement
H.433  HD.783 An Act relative to charter school renewal.
H.442  HD.1306 An Act relative to school safety.
H.446  HD.1736 An Act relative to student nutrition and wellness.
H.587  HD.884 An Act requiring photo identification for voting.
H.592  HD.1491 An Act eliminating political action committee contributions.
H.668  HD.1257 An Act relative to proof of identification for voters.
H.739  HD.1243 An Act relative to the moose population in the Commonwealth.
H.753  HD.888 An Act relative to golf courses owned by the Commonwealth.
H.881  HD.928 An Act eliminating the need for medical reauthorization for coverage of nonprescription enteral formula.
H.888  HD.739 An Act relative to an appeal process of motor vehicle insurance surcharges under managed competition.
S.1020  SD.1672 An Act relative to pensions.
H.1148  HD.4351 An Act relative to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.
S.1367  SD.1029 An Act Relative to Corporate Taxes.
S.1400  SD.209 An Act establishing the number six as the official number of the commonwealth.
S.1403  SD.1665 An Act prohibiting persons convicted of a felony from registering as a Legislative or Executive Agent
H.1433  HD.803 An Act relative to ensuring quality for teacher licensure applicants.
H.1441  HD.980 An Act relative to increasing the jurisdictional amount in small claims cases.
H.1658  HD.1046 An Act relative to the penalties for persons convicted of assaults in dwellings.
H.1673  HD.3198 An Act relative to the punishment for the murder of a police officer.
H.1700  HD.1304 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution prohibiting eminent domain
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1785  HD.3352 An Act relative to the determination of alimony payments.
H.2066  HD.1568 An Act Relative to Optometrists.
S.2068  SD.2081 An Act relative to the Leino Water District.
S.2077  SD.188 An Act relative to the Recreation Revolving Fund in the town of Rutland.
S.2090  SD.2142 An Act authorizing the town of Hubbardston to send certain information to the voters of said town.
H.2092  HD.638 An Act relative to school nutrition.
H.2195  HD.3226 An Act relative to the licensing fees of firearms
S.2536  SD.2623 An Act validating certain proceedings of the Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School District.
H.3387  HD.1036 An Act relative to public benefits.
H.3500  HD.1379 An Act relative to the disqualification of convicted felons.
H.3501  HD.1494 An Act relative to the cooling off period for former state employees.
H.3503  HD.1534 An Act relative to ethics training for lobbyists.
H.3527  HD.1252 An Act relative to sex offender registration.
H.3846  HD.3804 An Act relative to municipal emergency disaster relief payments.
H.4167  HD.4441 An Act designating natural heritage functions of the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement.
H.4528  HD.4873 An Act to Prohibit the Electronic Transmission of Harmful Material to Minors.
H.4531  HD.4818 An Act Relative to Real Estate Tax Exemptions of Certain Veterans.
H.4730  HD.4869 An Act restricting use and connection of automatic dialing-announcing devices.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.