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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Mary E. Grant Served 2003 - 2010 - 6th Essex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.401  HD.1521 An Act relative to student testing in the public schools.
H.402  HD.2440 An Act establishing a health education program in the public schools.
H.403  HD.2552 An Act relative to local control of health education curriculums.
H.404  HD.2767 An Act establishing a physical education requirement in the public schools.
H.2450  HD.1519 An Act regarding benefits for uniformed members of the Bureau of Fire Control.
H.2761  HD.1523 An Act relative to the interest rate on late payment of real estate taxes.
H.3226  HD.2687 An Act punishing interference with the safe operation of trains and certain other common carriers.
H.3227  HD.2769 An Act to preserve the right of way for the North South Rail Link.
H.3228  HD.3640 An Act to provide for maintenance costs for the Metropolitan Highway System through electronic tolling.
H.3645  HD.2757 An Act Relative to Cueing and Supervision in the PCA Program.
H.3652  HD.2738 An Act An act exempting certain stadiums from plumbing regulations.
H.3653  HD.2743 An Act relative to environmental performance standards for plumbing fixtures.
H.3669  HD.2633 An Act to regulate coal ash as solid waste.
H.3670  HD.2732 An Act to form a special commission to study pharmaceutical and personal care product contamination in our water supply.
H.3717  HD.2750 An Act amending the membership of the health care quality and cost council.
H.3718  HD.3135 An Act relative to a nurse deputy commissioner at the department of public health.
H.3762  HD.2747 An Act to Promote Energy Efficient Lighting, Conserve Energy, Regulate Outdoor Night Lighting, and Reduce Light Pollution.
H.3786  HD.2760 An Act increasing access to medical care for veterans.
H.3787  HD.2764 An Act to Route 128 interchange improvements.
H.3795  HD.200 An Act authorizing the city of Beverly to issue additional liquor licenses to Joseph A. Leone, d/b/a The Black Cow Restaurant, and to the American BBQ LLC d/b/a the American BBQ.
H.4905  HD.5135 An Act authorizing the city of Beverly to convey certain land located in the city of Beverly.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.