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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Michael F. Kane Served 2001 - 2012 Democrat - 5th Hampden

Photo of  Michael F. Kane

District Office

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.264  HD.329 An Act relative to Identification for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
H.265  HD.3041 An Act Relative to Liquor Licenses.
H.444  HD.3086 An Act Relative to Pupil Dental Health.
H.934  HD.2835 An Act Relative to Long Term Care Insurance.
H.1076  HD.3195 An Act Relative to Strategic Investment in the Commonwealth’s Chronically Distressed Hospitals Program .
H.1138  HD.4363 An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Mary F. Keeler, an Employee of the Trial Court.
H.1469  HD.322 An Act Relative to the Theft of Bulk Merchandise Containers.
H.1470  HD.2871 An Act Relative to Blunt Wraps.
H.1471  HD.2931 An Act Relative to the Theft of Bulk Merchandise Containers.
H.1472  HD.3163 An Act Relative to personal property liens.
H.1887  HD.4331 An Act relating to the Pioneer Valley Energy Center.
H.1932  HD.3206 An Act Relative to Community Hospital In-Patient Psychiatric Relief Program (“CHIPP”) .
H.2076  HD.327 An Act relative to flavored cigarettes in the Commonwealth.
H.2481  HD.323 An Act to include certain employees of the Commonwealth in Group 2 of the State Retirement System.
H.2482  HD.2920 An Act Relative to Correction Officers Retirement.
H.3086  HD.325 An Act Relating to the Replacement of Gas Meters.
H.3250  HD.324 An Act relative to the regulation of excessive noise from a Sound Amplification System while operating a Motor Vehicle.
H.3251  HD.328 An Act relative to Motor Vehicle Inspections.
H.3763  HD.2787 An Act Relating to the Replacement of Gas meters.
H.3998  HD.4092 An Act relative to the definition of homestead.
H.4024  HD.4076 An Act relative to dual truck automobile registration.
H.4025  HD.4077 An Act relative to the transportation of swimming pools.
H.4418  HD.4773 An Act Relative to Public Safety in the City of Holyoke.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.