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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Michael J. Moran Democrat - 18th Suffolk

Photo of  Michael J. Moran
Majority Leader
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.274  HD.3099 An Act relative for the redemption of scratch tickets .
H.462  HD.3111 An Act relative to improving the treatment of Asthma in children.
H.619  HD.4292 An Act relative to municipal relief.
H.990  HD.3101 An Act prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, employment level, and education when determining auto insurance rates.
H.991  HD.3117 An Act relative to flexible rate options.
H.992  HD.3125 An Act increasing access to affordable health insurance coverage.
H.1090  HD.3130 An Act ensuring fair and reasonable Medicaid payment rates for services provided by health care facilities licensed to provide chronic disease hospital services to children and adolescents.
H.1529  HD.3102 An Act authorizing recording of conversations during investigations.
H.1530  HD.3122 An Act relative to improving the bail review and rendition processes.
H.2123  HD.3103 An Act relative to a patient's report card of nursing.
H.2522  HD.3140 An Act relative to survivor allowance.
H.2523  HD.3143 An Act modifying the retirement benefits of certain widows and surviving spouses.
H.2833  HD.3105 An Act creating a tax exemption for college savings plan contributions.
H.2834  HD.3108 An Act to establish a sales tax exemption for earth day.
H.2835  HD.3121 An Act relative to the room occupancy excise.
H.3273  HD.3138 An Act establishing a distinctive motor vehicle license plate for the university of Massachusetts.
H.3671  HD.3136 An Act relative to the leasing of (3) parcels of land in the City of Boston.
H.4156  HD.94156 An Act relative to the agreement among the states to elect the President by national popular vote .
H.4246  HD.94246 An Act relative to filling a temporary vacancy in the United States Senate.
H.4498  HD.94498 An Act validating the actions taken at a special town meeting of the town of Lynnfield.
H.4870  HD.94870 An Order relative to authorizing the committee on Election Laws to make an investigation and study of certain House documents concerning election issues.
H.5041  HD.95041 An Order relative to authorizing the committee on Election Laws to make an investigation and study of a certain House document.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.