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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Michael J. Rodrigues Served 1995 - 2010 - 8th Bristol

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.174  HD.2405 An Act to modernize the board of registration of social workers.
H.200  HD.2246 An Act relative to consumer protection.
H.201  HD.2249 An Act allowing retail stores and shops to open on thanksgiving day.
H.202  HD.3381 An Act relative to clear and conspicuous price disclosure.
H.294  HD.2218 An Act relative to multi-jurisdictional lottery games.
H.295  HD.2507 An Act to establish an annual caterer license.
H.296  HD.2985 An Act relative to check cashing fees .
H.397  HD.2212 An Act relative to the sale of wine at auction.
H.482  HD.3079 An Act requiring school districts to adopt a certain health program.
H.623  HD.2279 An Act relative to the leasing of the lifesaving station in the town of Westport to the Westport fisherman’s association.
H.816  HD.2203 An Act relative to pigeons in motion pictures.
H.817  HD.2485 An Act relating to establishing a trail maintenance program within the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
H.818  HD.2605 An Act to advance the redevelopment of brownfields.
H.1024  HD.2198 An Act banning the use of certain socio-economic factors for insurance underwriting and rating of motor vehicle liability insurance.
H.1025  HD.3076 An Act relative to credit card transaction fees on the tax portion of a transaction.
H.1026  HD.3375 An Act authorizing the conversion of banks to another charter.
H.1695  HD.2210 An Act relative to standing to file certain appeals in the superior or land court.
H.1696  HD.2241 An Act relative to assault and battery on health care providers.
H.1697  HD.2614 An Act to expedite the transfer of cases to the permit session of land court .
H.1841  HD.2201 An Act eliminating the workforce training fund.
H.1842  HD.2244 An Act relative to uninsurance employment fraud.
H.1843  HD.2251 An Act relative to professional liability insurance.
H.1844  HD.2635 An Act relative to independent contractors.
H.1845  HD.2644 An Act relative to non discrimination training in the workplace.
H.1846  HD.3081 An Act to provide incentives for productive workers compensation audits.
H.2003  HD.2211 An Act providing training for certain local boards and commissions.
H.2004  HD.2609 An Act to clarify the meeting requirements for municipal boards .
H.2151  HD.2534 An Act relative to prescription assistance programs.
H.3021  HD.534 An Act relative to regulatory impact statements and administrative rulemaking.
H.3022  HD.2228 An Act to limit losses of subcontractors in private construction .
H.3308  HD.2618 An Act to expedite transportation projects in the commonwealth .
H.3432  HD.1346 An Act relative to enrolment preferences for children of employees of charter schools.
H.3562  HD.2195 An Act to further define unfair and deceptive acts and practices in the business of insurance.
H.3611  HD.2236 An Act relative to the state lottery.
H.3646  HD.2630 An Act to safeguard municipal permitting.
H.3647  HD.2632
H.3648  HD.2685 An Act relative to consumer product pricing.
H.3654  HD.2656 An Act relative to substantial equivalency and oversight.
H.3655  HD.2674 An Act relative to the alcohol beverages control commission.
H.3672  HD.2492 An Act to protect the eastern box turtle.
H.3673  HD.2620 An Act to make a technical consistency change to the massachusetts environmental policy act (mepa).
H.3674  HD.2628 An Act to revitalize urban centers.
H.3694  HD.2654 An Act to provide incentives for productive workers compensation orders.
H.3695  HD.2988 An Act to limit losses of subcontractors in private construction .
H.3721  HD.2666 An Act relative to mobile spas.
H.3734  HD.2659 An Act relative to capping payment of pensioners for services after retirement.
H.3749  HD.2643 An Act to equalize the quarterly payment of excise taxes.
H.3750  HD.2664 An Act to extend the net operating loss carry forward provision.
H.3760  HD.2637 An Act to regulatory impact statements and administrative rulemaking.
H.3765  HD.2671 An Act promoting consumer choice and competition for cable service.
H.3777  HD.2641 An Act relative to reforming the state’s product liability system.
H.4177  HD.4483 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Betty Green, an employee of the Department of Revenue.
H.4269  HD.4619 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Deborah Kotarba, an employee of the Trial Court.
H.4274  HD.4612 An Act Designating a Certain Bridge in the City of Fall River as the Louis Phillip Gagne Jr. Bridge.
H.4368  HD.4708 An Act authorizing the Town of Westport to lease a portion of the Westport Town Farm to the Trustees of Reservations.
H.4777  HD.4970 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Colleen Robichaud, an employee of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.