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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Dean of the Senate Marc R. Pacheco Democrat - Third Bristol and Plymouth

Photo of  Marc R. Pacheco
Dean of the Senate

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 312-B
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1551

District Office

(508) 822-3000
(508) 880-6084
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.61  SD.471 An Act to ensure accountability in the Department of Transitional Assistance.
S.62  SD.491 An Act relative to protecting against the displacement of current employees.
S.63  SD.1877 An Act relative to mandated reporters.
S.95  SD.487 An Act to enhance the economic benefits of the tax increment financing program.
S.96  SD.1784 An Act to promote livable communities.
S.97  SD.1789 An Act to promote livable communities and zoning reform act.
S.200  SD.452 By Mr. Pacheco, a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 200) of Marc R. Pacheco, Byron Rushing, Harriette L. Chandler, Kay Khan and other members of the General Court for legislation to clarify and enhance privacy protections for electronic health records. Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.
S.201  SD.469 An Act relative to plant relocation.
S.202  SD.1806 An Act relative to continuation of health insurance in the case of plant closings.
S.203  SD.1808 An Act information technology producer responsibility model state legislation.
S.323  SD.852 An Act relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
S.427  SD.1811 An Act relative to dam repair, removal and replacement .
S.503  SD.490 An Act Relative to the Credit System For Homeowner's Insurance Under The Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association.
S.504  SD.567 An Act increasing options in the case of loss of group health insurance coverage.
S.505  SD.571 An Act relative to homeowners' fire insurance policies.
S.506  SD.578 An Act Relative to Coverage Under the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association.
S.507  SD.882 An Act relative to reducing the cost of health care through parity for the same services.
S.508  SD.1750 An Act relative to preventing discrimination against certain health care providers.
S.580  SD.673 An Act to amend the definition of surcharge payor.
S.581  SD.1879 An Act relative to parity in calculating surcharges and health safety net trust fund liability assessments for acute hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, specialty health care providers, & laboratories.
S.707  SD.1454 An Act increasing the minimum wage.
S.708  SD.1738 An Act establishing a minimum wage for large employers.
S.709  SD.1802 An Act to clarify employer sanctions for improper expenditure of withholdings or deductions from wages.
S.710  SD.1819 An Act to provide a safe workplace for employees of the commonwealth.
S.711  SD.1823 An Act to promote fairness in unemployment insurance for workers seeking part-time work.
S.712  SD.1825 An Act relative to consumers and workers.
S.713  SD.1831 An Act establishing a Commonwealth citizen service initiative.
S.888  SD.821 An Act to ensure safe medication administration.
S.889  SD.839 An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy.
S.890  SD.911 An Act relative to patient safety.
S.891  SD.1834 An Act relative to volunteer dentistry.
S.892  SD.1873 An Act ensuring regulatory parity among ambulatory surgicenters .
S.893  SD.1881 An Act relative to specialty health care providers.
S.894  SD.1884 An Act relative to specialty health care providers.
S.976  SD.2019 An Act relative to school bus safety enforcement.
S.1173  SD.496 An Act Relative to the Optional Retirement Program.
S.1174  SD.1501 An Act regarding summer seasonal employees in the Division of State Parks and Recreation in the Department of Conservation.
S.1175  SD.1840 An Act relative to veterans pension benefits.
S.1176  SD.1843 An Act relative to binding arbitration.
S.1177  SD.1845 An Act relative to re-entry into active public service.
S.1443  SD.527 An Act Relative to Professional Services.
S.1444  SD.540 An Act authorizing a governmental body to enter into contracts for the operation, maintenance, operation and maintenance, lease or sale and modification of water storage facilities , water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facilities, collection and distribution systems, sewers and pump stations.
S.1445  SD.552 An Act relative to MWRA employees.
S.1446  SD.835 An Act Authorizing a Governmental Body to Enter Into Contracts For the Inspection, Maintenance, Repair or Modification of Water Storage Facilities.
S.1447  SD.1503 An Act authorizing the transfer of a parcel of land in the city of Taunton.
S.1448  SD.1847 An Act to debar employers who violate federal immigration laws from contracting with the Commonwealth.
S.1449  SD.1850 An Act improving certain public construction processes.
S.1450  SD.1939 An Act to promote solar hot water installations.
S.1530  SD.1853 An Act further regulating utility customer service.
S.1785  SD.457 An Act updating property exempt from execution.
S.1786  SD.523 An Act Relative to the Appointment of Probation Officers.
S.1876  SD.1858 Resolve reviving and continuing the special commission relative to the establishment of a Cranberry Heritage Area
S.1877  SD.1861 An Act creating the official shellfish of the Commonwealth.
S.1948  SD.915 An Act relative to the transportation of individuals seated in wheelchairs.
S.1949  SD.1645 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Raynham as the Cpl Brian Oliveira Bridge.
S.1950  SD.1648 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Raynham as the SFC Jared C. Monti Bridge.
S.1951  SD.1651 An Act designating a certain bridge in the City of Taunton as the SGT Shane Duffy Bridge.
S.1952  SD.1679 An Act designating a certain bridge in the City of Taunton as the SSG Adelino Paulo Bridge.
S.1953  SD.1938 An Act Relative to Safe Transportation Infrastructure.
S.2040  SD.480 An Act establishing the Massachusetts pari-mutuel enhancement act.
S.2041  SD.1641 An Act Relative to Greyhound Racing.
S.2042  SD.2021 An Act Establishing and Regulating Resort-Style Entertainment in the Commonwealth.
S.2089  SD.2127 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Kathleen Ginn, and employee of the Department of Mental Retardation
S.2092  SD.2150 An Act relative to a parcel of land in Taunton.
S.2094  SD.2153 An Act relative to the preliminary election in the city of Taunton in the year 2009.
S.2095  SD.2155 An Act Authorizing the Town of Carver to Divert Funds from the Conservation Fund.
S.2133  SD.2083 An Act authorizing the town of Wareham to issue eight (8) additional liquor licenses.
S.2138  SD.2246 An Act relative to the extension of Greyhound Racing.
S.2139  SD.2239 An Act authorizing a land acquisition fund in the town of Middleborough
S.2140  SD.2244 An Act relative to the interest rate to be charged on certain betterment assessments in the town of Wareham
S.2141  SD.2245 An Act relative to interest rates to be charged upon apportioned betterment assessments in the town of Wareham.
S.2143  SD.2241 An Act authorizing the town of Carver to assess excise taxes on private water suppliers.
S.2144  SD.2242 An Act relative to property taxes in the town of Carver.
S.2145  SD.2243 An Act relative to payment of property taxes in the town of Carver.
S.2153  SD.2264 An Act Relative to the North Carver Water District.
S.2163  SD.2247 An Act relative to Wareham Library certification.
S.2182  SD.2082 An Act Relative to the Wareham Fire District.
S.2184  SD.2257 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Cassandra Silvia an employee of the Department of Developmental Services.
S.2239  SD.2372 Text of the Senate amendment (Senator Pacheco) to the House Bill relative to the Wareham Fire District H1976
S.2255  SD.2385 An Act authorizing property tax exemption for certain small sheds and outbuildings in the Town of Carver.
S.2346  SD.2355 An Act further regulating business practices between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and distributors.
S.2520  SD.2673 An Act authorizing the town of Wareham to issue eight (8) additional liquor licenses
S.2617  SD.2762 An Act amending the charter of the town of Middleborough.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.