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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Robert L. Hedlund Served 1995 - 2016 Republican - Plymouth and Norfolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.94  SD.1315 An Act Relative to the Community Preservation Act.
S.197  SD.387 An Act relative to food produced from cloned animals.
S.198  SD.512 An Act relative to revocation.
S.405  SD.439 An Act relative to the return of unused non-latex paint.
S.542  SD.483 An Act relative to creditable coverage.
S.640  SD.427 An Act relative to ilegal immigrants and publiclysubsidized housing.
S.641  SD.564 An Act relative to density of affordable housing projects.
S.642  SD.569 An Act relative to subsidizing affordable housing.
S.643  SD.579 An Act realtive to the oversight of affordable housing developments.
S.644  SD.1322 An Act Relative to 40B Project Definitions.
S.645  SD.1324 An Act Relative to Affordable Housing Project Definitions.
S.646  SD.1325 An Act Relative to 40B Cost Certification.
S.770  SD.573 An Act relative to affordable housing built near wetlands.
S.771  SD.581 An Act relative to affordable housing use restrictions.
S.772  SD.587 An Act relative to affordable housing built in historic districts.
S.773  SD.590 An Act relative to tracking affordable housing projects.
S.774  SD.1448 An Act Relative to Puppy Mills.
S.818  SD.443 An Act relative to the duties of undertakers.
S.1077  SD.401 An Act relative to the retirement benefits for certified harbormasters and assistant harbormasters of cities and towns.
S.1078  SD.1447 An Act Relative to Working Retirement Hours.
S.1079  SD.1908 An Act Relative to Pension Reform.
S.1080  SD.2024 An Act Relative To Pension Reform.
S.1500  SD.434 An Act to improve recycling in the Commonwealth.
S.1501  SD.1312 An Act Relative to Octane Ratings.
S.1502  SD.1313 An Act Relative to Gasoline Prices.
S.1708  SD.1291 An Act relative to enhancing Melanie's Law.
S.1870  SD.1292 An Act relating to the treatment of elephants.
S.1920  SD.414 An Act to allow hybrid and alternate fuel vehicles in hov-designated highwayy lanes.
S.1921  SD.425 An Act relative to motor vehicle registrations.
S.1922  SD.484 An Act relative to free transponders.
S.1923  SD.485 An Act requiring the use of headlights in inclement weather.
S.1924  SD.519 An Act Relative to Ignition Interlock Devices.
S.1925  SD.555 An Act Relative to Ignition Interlock Devices.
S.1926  SD.1907 An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.
S.2004  SD.412 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Medal of Sacrifice.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.